Are You As Healthy As You Think?

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Are you healthy? We like to think that we are taking care of our health by opting for healthy foods as often as possible. Unfortunately, the health industry can be one of the biggest sources of sugar in your day. 

So if you have been enjoying ‘health foods’ and still feeling either a little sluggish or experiencing regular energy crashes – you might be a victim of the hidden sugars. 

Here are some of the areas where you might be surprised to find a huge stash of sugar!


We know that honey sauces and other sweet and sticky sauces are usually packed with sugars. But did you know that even simple tomato sauces used for pasta dishes can be heaving with sugar? Some pasta sauces contain enough sugar to rival a chocolate chip cookie. 


You might be steering clear of those crunchy chocolate-coated kids’ cereal and opting for something that is high in fibre, low in fat, and delicious. Some of the most popular breakfast cereals, including bran cereals, corn cereals, and oats, have a huge portion of sugar in every serving. Just have a look at the ingredients!


We know that many fruit juices have as much sugar as a can of cola, but did you know that some of the most shocking amounts of hidden sugar come from cold tea drinks? Some of the most popular tea drinks available have up to 32 grams of sugar per bottle! 

If you love iced tea, then it is more beneficial for you to make your own – and then you can skip the sugar, or add just enough to make it sweet. 

And we all know that coca-cola isn’t great – plus all that single use plastic packaging is pretty terrible too, isn’t it? – but did you know…

Infographic by amount of sugar in coke

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