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Autumn In Hertfordshire – Why Is An MOT Test Important At This Time Of The Year

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Autumn In Hertfordshire – Why Is An MOT Test Important At This Time Of The Year

As the seasons are changing, the driving conditions are changing too. We’re now heading into a wetter, colder and foggier time of the year and it’s always a good idea to check if your car is ready for the season change. Especially if you’re heading out for the day with the family car. MOT tests are the best way to do this. As we all know, MOT is a  compulsory annual test for safety and exhaust emissions of motor vehicles of cars over three years of age. Neglecting your MOT can result in fines having to pay, your vehicle would losing its road worthiness, not being safe on the road. In general, without the MOT test you can’t be sure that your car is in a fit state to drive. Looking after your car and regular checks throughout the year, will help to ensure that your car is safe and there’s no need to worry about the upcoming MOT test. Every year the roads in Hertfordshire are getting more and more congested. Drivers should be aware of this, and get prepared for the wet road conditions. Whether it is Clothall Common, Radwell, Letchworth Garden City or London Rd Baldock, A1 (M) – there is always a risk of getting stranded. You should not take a risk and fortunately there are local MOT centres across Hertfordshire that can help you out with your annual MOT. For example, you can choose DAT Baldock Branch for MOT Test here.

An MOT certificate confirms at the time of the test your car met the minimum road safety and environmental standards required by law. But still, you need to ensure roadworthiness for the following 12 months. You will need to make sure your car well maintained and service it regularly. Especially when the season changes, so here’s a few good tips for safe autumn driving:

Tyre check

Tyres are the first thing you need to check during the first few days of autumn, for obvious reasons: the wet and slippery road conditions require tyres in the best possible condition. So check the tread on your tyres and change them if necessary. Worn out treads are dangerous, because they provide the traction necessary to grip the road in inclement weather.

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Break check

This should be second thing on your autumn check list. Driving with well-worn brakes is very dangerous, especially on wet or icy surface. Check and change your brake fluid where necessary and never drive when it’s at a minimum.

Battery check

If you’re battery is rather old – say more than three years old, it’s worth to check it, or maybe thinking about changing it. The the cold weather might just do the worst possible and your car won’t start a cold morning. Check if the terminals are clean, tight and free from corrosion.

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Wiper blades check

You need to replace them if they squeak as they wipe. Wiper blades are naturally crucial in rainy and foggy weather, so make sure that they are in good condition. Also, always turn them off before starting the ignition to save the blades.

Lights check

As it gets darker earlier and also in bad weather, your vehicle’s lights become more important. So check if  your headlights, brake lights and indicators are all in the best condition to drive in the changing weather and replace light bulbs if necessary.


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