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Back To School In Style: Thrifty Ways To Save Money Keeping Kids In Uniforms

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Keeping a kid in a school uniform can be costly. Shirts, blouses, skirts, trousers; this is just the start of it. There are also blazers or jackets, and then you have shoes and P.E. kits to contend with. Do not let your children’s need for school uniforms hit your household budget hard, and follow these top thrifty tips.startrite shoes

Back To School In Style: Thrifty Ways To Save Money Keeping Kids In Uniforms

Shop Smarter, Not Harder

Finding great deals on school uniforms and P.E. kits can be tricky. Many of the big online stores and brick and mortar outfits will run some good offers in August and September, but then the prices zoom back up, and you will be paying premium prices the rest of the year. Parents need the help of a good value school uniform supplier with excellent prices all year round. This is where Screen Textiles comes into the equation. They offer a wide range of school uniform clothing for boys and girls at great prices throughout the school year, helping parents save money while their kids are growing.

Change Up Your Washing Regimen

Keeping on top of the uniforms often means running your washing machine almost daily, and often with several loads each day. They get so messy at school and do not see any problem with sliding through the mud in the school field at lunchtime. Washing school clothes at 40 degrees with powerful powders may seem like the solution, but this can damage clothes over time and make the threads weaker. Switch to a 30-degree wash with a milder detergent to help make your kid’s school clothes last longer.

Get Ahead Of The Problem

We all know our kids are going to grow up, at least, we hope they will one day. All it takes is one growth spurt, and suddenly you have to replace an entire school wardrobe to keep your kid in threads. Get ahead of the problem and take advantage of flash sales and discount deals to grab things you know they will need, like shoes. These can be an incredibly expensive component of school uniforms, but not if you see a deal and grab the next size up for less. Put them under the bed until you need them.

Go Social

Hand-me-downs are nothing to be ashamed of. Some parents can get a little snooty about kitting out their kids in secondhand clothes, but savvy parents know better. Your child may only need shirts or blouses for just a few months before they grow out of them, so invest so much money in uniforms. Keep a close eye on social media like Facebook Marketplace for other parents of older children throwing out their old school uniforms. You may be able to dress your child for school without spending a penny.

Use these thrifty tips to keep your hard-earned money in your pocket while still equipping your kids with all the school uniforms they need. It can be surprisingly expensive to keep your kids looking fresh at school, so you need to do everything you can to stop their growth spurts from breaking the bank.

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