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Bad Habits Teens Pick Up And How To Negate Them

by eva.katona@yahoo.com
smoking cigarette

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Teenhood is a tumultuous time in a teenager’s life. Not only do they have to deal with social politics, but they have to do it while there is a chemical revolution happening under the hood. For lots of teens, the urge to be cool and follow the crowd kicks in and this is when they pick up bad habits. Everyone has them, yet they are more dangerous at a young age and you should try and eradicate them ASAP.

How? You start by understanding the most common problems, four of which are underneath along with the solutions.

smoking cigarette


Probably the worst fear of any parent is that their teen starts smoking. As their bodies grow, the nicotine takes hold and they get hooked for life leading to a series of health risks. The problem is that they won’t listen to their uncool mum and dad and might continue to do it out of spite, so it’s not as if you can tell them to stop. Although it’s a bold choice, you can introduce them to a vape pod kit and substitute the habit for something healthier (buy e-liquid UK here). Of course, this is only for 18-year-olds so if they are younger, you can try appealing to their vanity (bad teeth and breath) and setting a good example. If parents don’t smoke, there is a higher chance that your kids won’t either.

Bad Driving

Once they pass their test at the tender age of 7, they’re free to hit the open road. Unfortunately, most of them aren’t mature enough to handle the responsibility, as seen by the high accident rates involving teens. Of course, you don’t want them to get hurt but you value their independence too; plus, there is a trust issue to consider. Stopping them from driving is a bad move, which is why you need to set rules. Leaving their phone at home while driving, for example, will stop them from getting distracted. Also, think about banning their friends.


Teens are lazy. They get up at midday, do nothing and go back to sleep for another 18 hours. Leave it up to them, and they won’t lift a finger all day long. The problem with this is that they become bone idle and don’t understand the value of hard work, which will affect them when they try to get a job. Ironically, the answer is to find them an employer. Working means they respect money, develop positive workplace traits, and are productive with their time, all of which are good habits.


Sorry, but teens are bad for scrounging money from their parents. Their buys social life mixed with the fact they don’t work means they have lots to do and little cash. As a result, they’ll expect handouts from the bank of mum and dad. Forcing them to get a job is a solution to the problem, but you can go one step further by making them pay rent. Contributing to the bills makes the aware that nothing comes for free and teaches them the value of paying their way.

What bad habits do your teens have and how do you deal with them?

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