Bathroom Vanities Shopping Tips and Trends

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If you’re hoping to make a real style statement in your bathroom, all the while adding storage room and functionality to the space, then bathroom vanities are an ideal investment. A bath vanity can often be used as a bathroom centrepiece, and influence surrounding, fixtures, fittings and décor as such. But what was hot in terms of bathroom vanities a few years ago isn’t necessarily so today, so we’re exploring some top shopping tips and trends to help you find the perfect vanity for your home.

Bathroom Vanities Shopping Tips and Trends

Rustic Bathroom Vanities

Rustic bathroom vanities can deliver a true touch of chic designer style to any bathroom area, and their versatility makes them as popular as any other style on the market. A rustic bath vanity is equally as well suited to modern and traditional bathrooms, effortlessly exuding a sense of retro appeal. Furthermore, they can also represent one of the most budget-friendly available vanity designs.

Floating Bathroom Vanities

It’s exactly as the moniker would suggest with this type of wall hung vanities – the effect of their installation makes them appear as if floating on air. Any wall mounted bath vanity with clean design lines will create the look you crave, and provide a more spacious feel to your bathroom by keeping the vanity off the floor. Obviously, opting for small bathroom vanities will also assist in this sense, but if you really want some sizeable extra storage space, it is wise to go for a bath vanity with traditional panelling but without legs.

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Vanities with Vessel Sinks

No matter if they are built in or supplied as part of bathroom vanities with tops, vessel sinks are a stylish feature to include; offering a standout look and impressive practicality. Many vessel sinks also match up well with both traditional and contemporary bathrooms – you can choose between the likes of brilliant white ceramic sinks and stone-effect bowls depending on what type of bath vanity you’ve selected.

Bathroom Vanity Furniture

Finally, a furniture-style bathroom vanity could be the best option of all for a stylish, functional and versatile bathroom storage solution. Several designs of this sort boast open shelving for the housing of all bathroom essentials, and feature legs which lift from the floor. Bathroom vanity furniture is also available in the form of both single and double bathroom vanities, oftentimes born of re-purposed dressers and hutches. These designs are perfect for anybody hoping to use their bath vanity as a bathroom focal point, with their timeless appearance sure to stand out in any modern or traditional area. That said, regardless of any bathroom upgrades or refurbishment work you might commit to in future, your furniture-style bath vanities will stand the test of time, and continue to provide a stylish centrepiece for many years to come.

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