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Be The Brightest Selling Star On Etsy

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Be The Brightest Selling Star On Etsy

Etsy is a great website for finding cute homemade products. It’s especially great if you love wholesome crafts, as you’ll find lots of fantastic pottery, upcycled furniture items and jewellery. If someone is making it, then they are definitely selling it on Etsy!

But this website isn’t just great for finding bargains – it’s also a useful tool to sell your own crafts. If you love to sew, paint, make, and be creative, then there will definitely be an audience on Etsy who want to see what you can do. As well as getting your items out there to people who love them, you will also be able to make some extra cash along the way!

Ready to get started on Etsy? Here is how you can become one of their brightest selling stars.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels


Offer Appealing P&P Options

When you list a price for your items, you also need to decide how much to charge the buyer for postage and packaging. Most new sellers offer it for free in an attempt to attract more buyers. However, that will eat into your profit. It’s worth using a reasonably priced courier service, like Shiply, when sending your items. That way, you won’t have to pay too much and, therefore, won’t have to charge your buyers an unreasonable amount for P&P. If you ever find that your sales slow down, it could be worth reviewing your shipping charges – perhaps they are too high and putting people off?

Research What Your Items Are Worth

Not too sure how much you should charge for your items? Don’t worry; this is something you can quickly research. The best thing to do is to take a look online and see what other sellers are selling similar items for. This can help you figure out the market average, which you can use when deciding your prices.

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Perfect Your Photos

You need to make sure that you are posting attractive images of your items. If the photos are quite grainy or blurred, then potential buyers might not be able to see the item so well and will move on to look at another seller’s goods. Even though most phone cameras take pretty good pics these days, you might want to invest in a professional DSLR. This will be useful, especially if you want to turn your Etsy shop into a full-time business.

Use Keywords In Descriptions

When you are writing the descriptions of your items you need to make sure that you add plenty of keywords. That way, your items will be picked up by the search engine when potential buyers enter a description of what they are looking for into the search bar. Make sure you use a couple of different keyword phrases so that your items will match to as many searches as possible. Not sure what keywords to use? Search around for a few keywords that match your items and see what comes up. This should give you an idea of which ones will work well.

Good luck on Etsy!


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