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Become The Parent With Perspective: How To Stop Worrying About Your Children’s Health

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Some people are born worriers but others just feel they have a sensible approach to health and safety. Being cautious is one thing but there are moments in life when our ability to worry unnecessarily can override any common sense. When we have children we can feel overly protective and become helicopter parents where we dive in and solve the problems for them. But while it’s natural to worry about our children, at what point does it become overkill? And what can we do to cut back on worrying ourselves sick?

mother and child

Step Outside Of Yourself

Some people worry for pointless reasons. When it’s our children we can panic so much because we care for them. But you’ve got to step outside of your own fears for a second and see just how realistic these things are. If you worry about every little incident, such as going swimming, no amount of pool safety inspections will alleviate your fears! But you’ve got to step outside of yourself and regain some perspective. If it was someone else’s child, would you worry as much? If it’s unlikely, then start to apply a more relaxed mindset to each individual moment when you are with your child and you may worry pointlessly. A lot of the reasons we worry about our children is rooted in our own specific fears, not anyone else’s.

Picture Of The Worst-Case Scenario And Ask Yourself If This Is Realistic

We have to get to the point that we realise these thoughts are exaggerated. One of the best methods to bring you back down to earth is to imagine the worst-case scenario. By asking yourself how realistic this situation would be makes you realise that you are overthinking everything. For a lot of people, this can be reason enough to stop overthinking everything. By picturing the worst-case scenario it may not seem like something that you don’t want to do but when you go that far into a situation and see what would happen if the world came crashing down around you, it can give you that important perspective.

Techniques To Calm Down

Sometimes we know that we are thinking in an exaggerated fashion, but we do it anyway! Instead, if you “worry about worrying” a lot it’s important to learn certain techniques to reduce your stress. We have got to remember that it’s likely we think in an exaggerated fashion because we are feeling symptoms of stress. Once you start to figure out the best methods to calm down, you can be far more realistic. You don’t necessarily have to meditate or breathe deeply, but sometimes tackling the problem by relinquishing control and letting your child figure out the problem for themselves can be enough to make you calm down. After all, if you worry about your child for exaggerated reasons, such as crossing the road and you then realise that they can do it safely this can start to calm you down in other areas of your life.

For many of us, worrying seems to come with the territory. It doesn’t need to be like this. The less you worry, the better you are at making decisions that really matter. 

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