Benefits Of Using Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser

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I used to love elegant scented candles. I really like the balmy welcome when I get home or having guests and they also eliminate other smells. Like baby vomit 🙂 But then I’ve learned that they are not very good for your health. In fact, they potentially contain harmful chemicals which are then released by burning the candle and we inhale the released smoke. Here’s a good article about toxic candles if you want to know even more details.


So when it comes to alternatives, there are so many different products available, but unscented candles simply will not do for me: I want the ambience a nice scent can create in my living room. I also want to have other benefits, more than a candle can offer. The one thing which definitely stands out: essential oil diffusers, of which I’ve tried a few already. Then Organic Aromas sent me their popular Raindrop Essential Oil Diffuser For Aromatherapy and this one uses no heat or water. Instead, it uses an atomizer to break down the essential oil particles and  let them into the air. Oil diffusers are quite powerful and consume little energy. Nebulizer diffusers are the best, in my opinion, so I picked this one.


The best thing about this unit, which I haven’t experienced before with any other diffuser: it’s almost silent! Makes no noise. You can also turn it on and off whenever you want to. One cycle consists of 2 minutes on and 1 minute off and it automatically switches off after 2 hours. It perfectly covers our living room area and the same job should be done up to 80 sqm. You can control the output volume with the switch button, turn it up or down depending on your mood. After turning it on you can immediately smell the fragrance. Setting it up was really easy too, the manual provides you all the information you need, including cleaning instructions. (Haven’t tried to clean it yet, but it does not look like a complicated procedure.) It also features LED mood lighting. This is the only feature I’m not quite sure about, I would like to have an option to turn it off. Luckily, it’s very soft, almost unnoticeable little light show when you use the unit at daylight. The Raindrop itself strikes as very contemporary looking, minimalistic and tasteful piece. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it as a gift for anyone.


The essential oils you need to use with this diffuser are 100% pure, certified organic essential oils. They all have different therapeutic and health benefits. I received the Signature 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend which is really pleasant fragrance, not too strong for my (currently pregnant) nose. You can buy many different ones and you can even combine them. One of my favourites is sweet orange, because my mother used to burn this a lot, when I was a child, so it brings back childhood memories. Or eucalyptus: it has so many positive effects, great for respiratory and viral infections, mental well-being and a lot more.

Once you tried and found the essential oil diffuser you like, you won’t stop using them. It’s not a new-wave hippie talk, humans are using essential oils for thousands of years and their benefits are scientifically proven. You can create your own spa experience at home, they are great for your physical and mental health.




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