Best Water & Amusement Parks in Europe

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Perfect for spending some quality time with your significant other or family, water and amusement parks are some of the top choices for your holiday activities in Europe! There is a wide choice of the most fun, colorful, and exciting parks, so it might take a bit of work to plan your trip. For that, we have narrowed it down to the very best ones to increase your enjoyment! 

Tibidabo Amusement Park, Barcelona

The third oldest amusement park in Europe, Tibidabo Amusement Park in Barcelona, is one of the most endearing in Spain and definitely holds the most significance in the city! 

With fun rides and exciting rollercoasters that stand more than 500 meters above sea level, Tibidabo Amusement Park allows you insight into the most beautiful panorama. While chasing that adrenaline high, you get to enjoy the impeccable sights of the Barcelona cityscape and some of the most gorgeous destinations. 

The park is located at the top of Collserola Natural Park, so you can spend some time relaxing in nature before or after your rides! 

Tibidabo Barcelona

Warner Park of San Martin de la Vega, Madrid

Quite remarkable that all you have to do is get from Barcelona to Madrid by train and keep on enjoying the Spanish amusement parks with your friends and family! Let’s visit Warner Park of San Marin de la Vega this time! 

Probably number one in all of Spain, Warner Park also ranks high among the most exciting amusement parks in Europe, if not for its wide variety of rides and rollercoasters, then for the highly advanced activities for children! Here you can meet some of the world’s most courageous superheroes like Superman or Batman, or even hang with the Scooby Doo gang! 

Make sure you have enough time to enjoy the park – there is plenty of ground to cover and a number of unique attractions to enjoy!


Aquashow, Quarteira

After enjoying one of the lavish private tours to Portugal and exploring the most stunning tourist attractions, you must be itching to relax and have some active fun! So, let’s not stall and head straight to the Aquashow in Quarteira, just 15 minutes away from Albufeira. 

Aquashow is widely known for being the most adequate choice for both youngsters and adults. It has a number of various pools, slides, three huge rollercoasters, and the famous Free Fall – the biggest one of its kind in all of Portugal! However, for children that are too young to enjoy these adrenaline-inducing slides, there is plenty of other stuff and equally fun rooms supervised by professionals! 

Aquashow is definitely the perfect place to spend your afternoon in, as the premises are perfectly clean and cozy, and once the water gets a bit much, you can head to the bars and the restaurants in the building. 


Fasouri Watermania, Limassol

Located in the heart of Cyprus, Fasouri Watermania is 100,000 square meters of fun and endless activities! 

The premises are so thoroughly and well planned out that you can even take a small map guiding you through your journey in Fasouri Watermania. This will ensure you hit all the rides and slides, the most lively rollercoasters, and the best pools!

The aquapark is known to be a bit costlier than any others you might visit, but it is entirely worth it. The outdoor interior allows you to enjoy Meditteranean nature and beautiful landscapes once you are high enough, just before plunging down into the water! However, if these extreme rides are not for you, you can always spend the afternoon enjoying a lazy river cruise or a massage parlor. 

Disneyland, Paris

No surprise here, right? Well, Europe is still yet to create a world as lively and as colorful as Disney World in Paris, France. The most popular theme and amusement park in Europe, Disneyland never wavers and still manages to attract millions of tourists seeking some honest fun! 

With plenty of shops, fairs, storytellers, and interactive games, the park is a whole experience in itself for every child and adult, so ignore the number on your ID card and get ready for some of the most genuine and magical encounters ever! 

Naturally, the highlight of the whole Disneyland is the extravagant rides designed to make you feel like you are the one in the fairytale! Say hello to Mickey Mouse, Simba, and the famous Disney Castle, which you can see from a number of higher rollercoasters. So live out your childhood dreams in one of the happiest places in the world! 

disneyland paris

Gather your friends and family – it is time to have some fun! Remember to purchase the tickets to amusement and waterparks as early as you can, just to ensure you can attend on the desired date. Other than that, grab a camera and your best friend – adventures await! 

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