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Best Ways to Keep Your Child’s Immunity Strong While Traveling

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Whether you’re taking a road trip, visiting a new theme park, or vacationing at the beach, travel is the most fun a family can have. Of course, along with all the benefits come some risks — especially if you happen to have a baby in tow. How can you provide infant immune support to your baby and ensure that traveling doesn’t make them sick? There are a few ways you can minimize the risk of illness and ensure that the whole family stays healthy throughout your travels. If you’re looking for the best immunity booster syrup, for example, this can help you naturally equip your child with strengthened immunity — no matter where you may be. Learn more about how you can boost your baby’s immune system before, during, and after a trip.

mum and child travel

Does Traveling Affect My Child’s Immune System?

Many parents wonder whether travel has a direct effect on their child’s immune system — and if so, whether that effect could be negative. Due to the variety of new germs and bacteria that you may encounter in a new place, the answer is yes — travel can affect your child’s immune system, and in some cases, put them at greater risk of illness. This is especially true if your travel will involve meeting lots of new people and being in close contact with large groups. These circumstances can create a breeding ground for sickness, and a child with a not-yet-fully-formed immune system could be even more susceptible.

It’s important to note, too, that traveling via airplane has been shown to increase infants’ risk of certain infections, including COVID-19. This is because of the lack of air circulation in an airplane. Although most babies over the age of one are safe to travel with, there are some instances of a severe ear infection or a cold emerging after flying on an airplane. Air travel is safe in most cases, but it’s important for parents to exercise caution before boarding.

Ways to Protect Your Child’s Immunity

What is the best way to protect your child’s immunity when you’re away from home? Even when you’re traveling, it’s advisable to avoid big crowds and minimize close interactions. This can help mitigate the spread of germs that will cause sickness. You can also invest in an immune booster to help your child naturally fortify their immune system. Immune booster supplements utilize vitamins that have been shown to support immune system health.

There are also many foods that can help your child get these vitamins and support immunity while you’re traveling. Foods such as strawberries, eggs, green beans, and lean protein are just a few of the nutrient-rich options that can give your family the boost you need to stay healthy even when you’re on a trip. Kids should get at least five servings every day of fruits and vegetables in order to support their immune health and overall wellbeing. If you find that it’s difficult to pack this into their meals, you can try making healthy smoothies in the morning.

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