Book Review: Thrive Through Yoga – A 21-Day Journey

Yoga book review

Why yoga is important to me?

I’ve been a huge yoga fan for decades now: I first met yoga as a teenager and I started to practise daily when I moved to Ibiza – about 8 years ago. I’ve been lucky enough to meet with some truly inspirational trainers, even made friends. Yoga for me has never been a purely a form of exercise. My favourite yoga type is Sivananda, which focuses on the breathing, exercise, vegetarian diet, positive thinking and meditation. Whilst I like other yoga styles too, these are the original pillars my perception of yoga has built on. Even if I don’t practice yoga every day, I’m still a vegetarian, I practice positive thinking and mini meditation every day. I also use breathing techniques when I feel panicked or anxious. Yoga philosophy helps me to overcome my me fears and anxiety. But I have never read a book about yoga before.

Thrive Through Yoga by Nicola Jane Hobbs

I never was the one to reach for a self-help book and I have to admit. I handle them with skepticism. But I do believe in yoga, so reviewing Nicola Jane Hobbs’ new book: Thrive Through Yoga – A 21-Day Journey was a surprisingly pleasant experience for me.

Nicola, although a nice young women, been through a very tough few years. Whilst reading her book, it felt like an older person is talking to me through the pages, she has such a gentle, calm and positive manner. The book is built up very logically and lovingly, easy to understand, it’s not overwhelming for a beginner. As someone who uses yogi techniques, I find the author’s thoughts on mental health, the power of gratitude and how yoga can promote positive thinking truly inspirational. She has some wise words.

Snippet of the book

Another page in the book

What I really liked about this book:

I especially liked her links between ancient yoga philosophy, spirituality, Ayurveda, physical exercise and modern psychology.

But she doesn’t just talk and write about it and fill the book with lots of colourful, pretty photos. Her 21-day journey features something to work on every day: overcoming perfectionism, going with the flow, cultivating gratitude and some other lessons for each day. Each one supported by a yoga sequence and all the poses are pictured and explained. They are not too complicated. I did like the detailed pictures of the yoga poses in each sequence – I just had to copy them!

Pose Library

The second part of the book gives guidance how to use yoga to easy anxiety, help you to sleep better and increase your energy. It also has a part dedicated to the importance of meditation.

I highly recommend her book for those looking for grounding exercises to fight off stress and anxiety.

I received this book in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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Emma Raphael February 3, 2018 - 4:00 pm

That sounds like a great book. Yoga is definitely up there in things I would love to get in to. Both my older children went to school in Denmark and Germany and in both countries yoga was part of their lessons which I absolutely loved. It’s such a valuable tool! (:

Sonia February 5, 2018 - 10:56 am

I love the look of this book, I really need to get back into yoga. I used to do it a lot in my early twenties and I think it would really help me now I’m in my *gulp* forties!

Laura February 5, 2018 - 12:31 pm

This sounds a great book for me. Thank for for posting photos of a couple of the pages as book reviews can often sound amazing but when you look at the book you have no idea what they’re talking about-you’ve demonstrated in this post that this really is a helpful, step by step book.


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