Brits Can’t Get Enough of These Dreamy European Cruise Destinations

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The best thing about going on a cruise is the variety it offers! In one trip you can see an entire continent, maybe even two, with little to no effort on your part. Simply pack your sun cream and swimming shorts, board the ship and let the captain and crew do the rest.

If you’re planning a cruise from the UK, depart from Southampton for an easy, stress-free experience. And with so many destinations to choose from for European river cruises too, read on to find out where Brits are heading and why you should get a slice of the action too. These destinations are the perfect go-to holiday all year round for Brits.

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Popular destinations


Brits flocking to Spain for their summer holidays is nothing new, and the holiday favourite isn’t declining in popularity either. Indeed, a survey by ABTA revealed that out of a group of 2,000 consumers, 29% chose to visit the Mediterranean hotspot.

Benidorm makes it as the most popular Spanish destination for Brits. Not only is it packed with entertainment and affordable hospitality – thanks to the vast variety of mega resorts – it’s wonderfully predictable with copious amounts of sun, dreamy beaches and sangria. And you don’t have to worry about rowdy party animals either; most of the holidayers here are retired or come in family packs.


Greece, Crete in particular, is another favourite with Brits who just want uninterrupted sun. It caters perfectly for families, couples and solo travellers, with large spas and villas for the sunworshippers and a huge array of jaw dropping hiking trails for adventurers. Visit Samaria Gorge for an unforgettable adventure or visit the West of the island to see the beginning of the Libyan sea.


For Brits who travel for beautiful coastlines and delicious food, Italy has to be the top choice. Not only does the country offer a huge variety of cuisines and cultures along its extensive coastline, it is also steeped in history and UNESCO sites. Think about visiting the Colosseum in Rome, the canals of Venice and the Leaning Tower of Pisa before hitting the pristine beaches, Negroni and fresh slice of pizza in hand.


It’s not far away and it can be anything you want it to be. France, with its esteemed cuisine, rich history and incredible landscapes can be a chilled holiday on the beaches in Corsica, spent cycling up hills and valleys in the Pyrenees or based around some of the best restaurants on the Côte d’Azur.


Turkey is worth the distance. The picturesque Aegean Coastline, unspoilt beaches, bustling cities and superb food all work in its favour as the ultimate holiday destinations for Brits. Go the extra mile to escape other package holidayers and crowds of tourists and make Turkey your own.

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