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Building Green: Reduce the Environmental Impact of Your New Home

by eva.katona@yahoo.com

Building your own home is a fun adventure, and for some it’s the only real way to get that dream property that you’ve always wanted. There’s so much to think about if you want to construct a new property, starting with deciding just where to build it. Before you start building or even design your home, you might want to consider the environment. Building a new property is sure to have an environmental impact, but there are still ways that you can try to reduce it and carry out a green construction process and create an eco-friendly home.

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Consult with Experts

Expert help will nearly always benefit you, especially if you’re planning to spend a lot of money. When you’re building your own home, you’ll be working with a number of experts, from architects to builders. But don’t forget to consult an expert about how you can minimise your impact on the environment too. You can get in touch with environmental consultants who can look at how your build might have an impact on the land, and provide advice for how you might avoid causing too much disturbance. If you use expert advice for every other step of your construction, it makes sense to do it for this too.

Build Only What You Need

Building your own home gives you the chance to make it exactly as big as you want it to be. However, rather than jump straight to designing a sprawling property with more space than you need, consider trying to keep it as small as possible. You can still ensure you have plenty of living space without going overboard. You might want to have four bedrooms, but perhaps you don’t need as much wide open space in every room. The smaller your property is, the less its environmental impact will be.


Use Recycled and Sustainable Materials

If you want to reduce the environmental impact of a new build home, you can look into your options for recycled and sustainable materials. You might be able to reuse materials such as old floorboards or even doors and windows, as well as piping and other materials. You can also look for materials that have been sourced sustainably, meaning that they come from a sustainable source and perhaps come from somewhere local too. Any materials that you use should be durable so that they last a lifetime and you don’t need to replace anything too soon.

Think Green Energy

You can also consider how to make your new home greener over its lifetime. Energy-efficiency is an important factor to think about if you want to build a green home. There are various green energy solutions that you might want to look at, from solar panels and solar water heaters to ground pumps and perhaps even a wind turbine or hydroelectricity if you have running water on your land. Green energy products will help to save you money in the long-term too.

You can reduce the environmental impact that your new home has if you make the effort to be considerate of your actions.


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