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Building Your Blog’s Authority

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Building Your Blog’s Authority

If you want your blog to be successful – you want people not only to visit it once but to keep coming back time and time again, then you need to build your blog’s authority, which mostly means building your authority. After all, most people don’t want to hear from amateurs – they want to hear from experts in whatever it is they’re interested in.

If you can convince your audience that you really do know what you’re talking about, they will naturally become comfortable with using your blog as a source of information or inspiration, and they will soon enough become regular readers…well providing you also write well too, of course.

The difficulty is, setting up your blog as an authority. It’s pretty easy to do if your blog is about your life, I mean you literally don’t have to do much work at all to be an authority on yourself (although there are still some things you can do to increase your rep), but when you’re blogging on a particular subject, it can be more difficult. Luckily, I’ve put together a pretty simple guide to building your blog’s authority…

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Write What You Know or What You’re Interested In

It’s an obvious one, but so many bloggers start writing about topics they think will bring them readers and earn them no money. Even if they know nothing about the topic nor have any interest in it. This is a bad idea because it is almost always evident in the writing that one is not an authority. It’s far better to blog about a subject you know about, are interested in or are in the progress of learning more about. Your knowledge and enthusiasm will leak through in every word you write, infect your readers and have them coming back time and time again. Whatever your passion, there is probably a way to blog about it and make money, find that way and do it!

Ensure Your Blog Appears Official

Another very simple thing that will make your blog seem more authoritative is giving it a more professional appearance. By this, I mean adding a privacy policy, an actual mailing address – you can use But if you don’t want to use your actual address (which probably isn’t a good idea anyway), use terms and conditions and anything else that gives your blog a sense of legitimacy. Of course, if you have a privacy policy up on your blog, you need to honor it if you want to become a trusted authority in your sector.

As well as adding the kind of information discussed above, it’s important that your website is responsive, easy to use and good-looking. First impressions do matter, even online, so make your blog look as appealing as possible to your audience. Also, make it as easy for them to read the stuff you put out as you possibly can.

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Be Confident

Every word you write, every post you publish, should be brimming with confidence. You should write like you really know your stuff if you want to convince your audience that you’re worth their time. How do you do that exactly? By choosing your words very carefully. Also, avoid ‘maybe’ and other un-authoritative words like ‘possibly’ and ‘could be’. Write like what you’re saying is a fact.

Add Your Own Experiences

If you want to be seen as an authority, it’s pretty helpful for your readers to know that you have actually tried stuff out, gone through stuff, worked things out for yourself. So, even if you’re writing a technical blog post, do not be afraid to talk about your own experiences of the subject matter. It will only make you look more authoritative in the eyes of your audience. If you admit to any failures and share in your triumphs, it will also help to make you more relatable to the average reader too.

Be Authentic

I know it’s a bit of a buzzword, but in the blogging world, authenticity does matter. Look at very popular blogs like and and you will see that their writers are always as honest as they can possibly be with their audience. This is essential to any blogger’s success because most readers can spot a lie very easily and they will be able to tell if you really do love that particular  brand of lipstick or you’re just pretending to get paid. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with promoting stuff, but be honest about it!

If you take the information above and turn it into solid action, you will see amazing results. Your blog will become more popular and pretty soon you’ll be considered one of the authorities on your subject – just you wait and see!


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