Buy Better, Buy Less – How to Make Sure That Your Clothes Are Fitting Properly

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This is a collaborative post.

I’m sure you’ve already heard about how fast fashion industry is playing a big role in producing unnecessary waste and thus it’s very harmful for the environment. But what we need to understand is that we are not banned from buying new clothes – we just need to make sure that they are quality items so they last long and we can enjoy wearing them instead of throwing them away after a couple of wears.

Another thing is related to this: making sure that the garments are a good fit. We look better, feel better and therefore we wear the clothes that are fitting well longer. I have a few good tips to achieve this:

Ignore size tags

Size tags are different for each brand hard to convert them from European to UK, they can be confusing and misleading. Furthermore: they do not matter! Some designers even use vanity sizing, which puts a smaller size number on clothing that is normally larger in an attempt to appeal to your emotions. Don’t fall for these tricks that makes you spend money for something you can’t wear then. Treat them as a rough indication. We can’t possibly fit all shapes and sizes just into the few available ones! Check measurements to make sure they are a good fit, especially if you’re buying online.


Occasion matters

Some rules are rules when it comes to occasion wear. Especially for men. I did enjoy this funny video produced by Chums. It  basically sums up the very basics of looking smart. Then again, once you have the basics selected, you can confidently work with them, without having to buy a new item for every occasion. Jeremy Clarkson is definitely not a celebrity fashion icon, but as you can see, with a little attention to the details even he could look much smarter:



Quality garments worth having altered if for example our size changes. This way, you can not only wear a favourite item longer and get more life out of it, but of course it also saves money and having to throw it away. The clothing you buy is for now and should not be stored for a time when it does fit. 

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