Buy Better Buy Less: Timeless Summer Styles – Be Ready For The Party

summer straw hat

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Summer means lots of summer entertaining: garden parties, going out, barbecues, festivals and let’s face it, every now and then we all need a new addition to the wardrobe. But when shopping for the perfect summer party dress and accessories we have to keep one rule to be as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible: buy good quality and timeless designs so you can enjoy them for the years to come. Avoiding fast fashion is one of the most important thing you can do for the planet right now. It’s the second largest generator of pollution on our planet after oil with more than 300,000 tonnes of used clothing going to landfill in the UK alone. This is why it’s important to choose well and wear your items for longer.

Buy Better Buy Less: Timeless Summer Styles - Be Ready For The Party

So in this post, I’ve collected some summer style inspiration. My summer wardrobe is full of light colours and some bright ones and I also love statement prints. I found, that with a some summer colours and prints you simply can’t go wrong. For being the best dressed at summer garden parties, make sure you use pretty summer colours and prints and of course the right accessories.


With beautiful pastel and bright candy colours you can’t go wrong in summer. They are also great when the colour of your body jewelry. They go especially well with ever so popular white and other light colours. Metallics add a little glam to your appearance at daytime pairing them with a daytime dress or will complete your evening outfit. Radley bags are great if you’re looking for a reputable brand with style and true quality.


It’s probably my all time favourite one, I always wear all the whites I can during the summer. Obviously, it matches with any other colour and it is more comfortable to wear in the heat than dark colours.

white summer dress

Sand or light mocha

They especially relaxed but stylish at the same time, especially when combined with white, a few shiny accessories like silver coloured shoes or turquoise jewellery.


Both the light shade of coral or the deep shade of it are a rare match to all hair colours and skin tones. Coral just work for everyone even if it’s a statement item or just an accessory. Or even a lipstick!


Soft ice cream and candy colours are back in mainstream fashion again with the 80’s revival but they never really disappeared. We just didn’t combine to many of them at the same time until now. So if you really like pastels – now is the time to go for it.

yellow dress summer


Lots of people adore turquoise – including me. It’s the colour of the sea so no other colour can represent summer better! Again, it works for every hair colours and skin tones.

Summer prints

There are a few timeless but cool print which will be always in fashion. Like the national Breton stripes, flamingo print, pineapple print, tropical print (great for festivals!),  palm leaf or tree print.

summer straw hat

Which one is your favourite this summer?


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