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Review: LEGO Build The Change Platform

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This is a sponsored post. Are you a LEGO fan too? Yes, same here! As a child I preferred LEGO over dolls. It’s still my favourite when I play with the children. I really enjoy building with them, it’s just the best fun.  LEGO has always been a pioneer not just in the creation of this wonderful toy, but before …

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Unique Brands Of Home Fragrance From Around The World

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This is a collaborative post. What could be better after a long day than coming home to a house that smells divine? The right scent has the power to lift your mood and cleanse your worries, which is precisely what you need when you’re tired from work. How do you even begin to choose a home fragrance that works for …

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Review And Giveaway: Ravetta Designs Jewellery

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Gifted item. I’m not a massive jewellery person in the sense of liking everything pretty and shiny. May it be the finest diamond studded golden piece. But if it hasn’t got an attached meaning (and is unethically produces) it holds no value or beauty in my eyes. This is why I often choose statement jewellery that is handmade. Plus I …

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Review: Nordgreen Ethical Design Watches 35% Black Friday Discount

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Gifted item. *Use discount code BOBCAT35 to get 35% off (discount code is valid from 21.11.2020 – 01.12.2020)* When it comes to watches I prefer a minimalist yet unique design combined with quality – that is hard to find. I don’t really fall for trends, I tend to wear all my jewellery and watches until the moment they last, which …

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Smart Online Shopping Platform For Small Businesses

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For me it is very important to help and promote small businesses. They are vital for local economies and during these turbulent times when you buy from a small business, your purchase – no matter how big or small – means a great deal. Also, you’re helping to boost employment and income in the community as well as helping to …

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Review and Giveaway: Phox – The World’s Most Eco-Friendly Water Filter

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Gifted item You probably already know that plastic bottled water is an all round waste: companies that make bottled water only sell you plastic: access to water is an universal right (it should be, at least) and all they do is put water that runs in your tap anyway into plastic bottles and sell it. The majority of these bottles …

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5 Excellent Electric Vehicles to Consider

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This is a collaborative post There could be several reasons you’re reluctant to switch your standard combustion engine car to an electric vehicle (EV). Perhaps you like it’s dimensions and colour, or perhaps it’s simply not paid off yet.  You might have seriously considered an electric vehicle but still aren’t sure about the battery life, the range, or the availability …

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Review: The All Electric Seat Mii Car

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Collaborative post Back in August, Seat UK kindly sent me their all electric Mii model to test out. I was lucky enough to drive around this great little car for a week. First things first: I’m not a confident driver. The smaller the car, the better. I’m from mainland Europe and I find the London parking system a bit too …

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Giveaway: Win With Ink & Drop

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Gifted item We are in the middle of creating a feature wall in our living room (slowly but surely collected the prints and posters we wanted – still some more to come). I love a feature wall, it’s so cool and stylish at the same time. It’s a great way to express one’s personal arty taste. Ink & Drop kindly …

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Best Design Bundles For Your Blog

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As a professional blogger I need to make sure my content stands out and I produce quality, engaging and relevant posts. Creative writing skills are not everything: there’s so much more to it. I need to create images that grab the attention and complement the article, make sure my posts are visible, meets with SEO requirements, promote them on social …