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Vegan Thai Sweet Potato Curry With Chickpeas Recipe

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When it comes to midweek dinners, I normally try to keep it hassle free because I normally have to make at least two different meals on a daily basis (and that’s not counting my sensory eater’s daily freezer pizza or pasta). But then, I rally don’t want to eat my picky eater’s food either. I don’t know how many of …

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Vegan Black Cherry Cream Cheese Cake With Oat Flour (GF) plus Giveaway!

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This cake is a perfect show stopper, so beautiful! It’s truly all about the colours and the added decoration. Looks rustic, vintage and totally on trend with healthy, plant based ingredients!  I’m not a great baker, I like baking, but big cakes are not my strongest points – so if I say: this is easy, trust me it is.  I …

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How to Take Your Foodie Website to the Next Level

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This is a sponsored post. Do you have a passion for cooking? Do you enjoy reviewing menus and telling others what you think? If you consider yourself to be a dedicated foodie, it might be time to take this hobby to the next level. A growing number of enthusiasts have embraced the presence of the Internet and they have been …

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25 Smart Tips How To Reduce Food Waste At Home

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Food waste – as we have probably all heard it lately on the news is a major contributor to climate change. Between 33-50% of all food produced globally is never eaten and that is a staggering figure. Which means that we waste lots of energy, resources and of course  it’s also a moral problem. It’s not just about starving people somewhere …

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Spanish Rice Arancini Recipe

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Earlier this week, I posted about one of my favourite spring/summer dishes: Spanish Rice. Now we all know, that cooking the RIGHT amount of rice for a meal something that they teach in cooking master classes, because it’s nearly impossible. I’m terrible at cooking rice. I normally cook rice as if I had at least 5 more family members or …

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Spanish Rice Recipe (Vegan)

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Spanish rice is one of my favourite side dishes: a lovely, warm mediterranean flavour which you can pair with a lot of otherwise bland food like grilled fish, fish fingers, veggie fritters and patties (or meats). It’s also vegan, if you avoid all sorts of animal products – this is for you. It’s very versatile, I normally pair it up …

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Vegan Almond Butter Cookies

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We do love peanut butter cookies and frankly, anything with peanut butter in our house. We love to bake and cook together. Can’t beat the cookies baked together with the children, they just love to help. And it’s a great thing. A big thing for Bobcat. In fact, making yummy food always guarantees Bobcat getting involved, as a matter of …

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7 Vegan Milk Alternatives You Can Substitute for Dairy Milk

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This is a collaborative post. Who says that the rich taste and nutrient content of milk is limited only to dairy? Perhaps we’ve gotten so used to the dominance of dairy milk in the modern market that we can’t imagine milkshakes, lattes, ice creams, or chowders without it. In contrast, the plant-based milks favoured by vegans might seem too novel …

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How to Make Pimientos de Padron (Spanish Green Pepper Tapas)

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Gifted item I could write such a long post about how much I love these (and tapas style dining in general – not only Spanish but all sorts of world cuisine, as . long as it’s meat free). But I know many people (me including) hate reading the blurb attached to recipes and they just want to scroll down to …

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Space Birthday Party For Children & How To Make Galaxy Cookies

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Some of the mentioned items were gifted. My eldest requested a space party for his fifth birthday. I immediately grabbed the opportunity to do something different – i.e: not related to trains! He’s second big interest after trains is currently space and the planets. This is something we’d really want to promote, it makes science subjects more fun at this …