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Broccoli & Stilton Soup With a Kick (Vegan or Vegetarian)

In Foodie Meby eva.katona@yahoo.com5 Comments

So how was Veganuary for everyone? Have you been finding it easy, ok or hard? I’ll be honest: I missed cheese. But I made changes in my diet which I will keep, like swapping cows milk for oats milk. I never really liked milk apart from a splash in my coffee, so I actually didn’t really eat cereals or porridge …

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Posh Creamy Cauliflower Soup With Truffle Oil (Vegan)

In Foodie Meby eva.katona@yahoo.com2 Comments

Veganuary is not over yet! Hope everyone is doing well on this journey, so helping you on the way I’m sharing a really nice, warming soup recipe with you today since it’s freezing outside. This posh (because of the truffle oil) and creamy cauliflower soup is the easiest thing to prepare, again – the trick is the right seasoning. It’s …

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Beautiful Beetroot Hummus Recipe

In Foodie Meby eva.katona@yahoo.com9 Comments

I’ve been meaning to share this recipe for ages – but now is the time, as this is perfect Veganuary snack – or main meal, like it was mine last night. So, it’s obviously vegan, takes a little bit of time for the beetroots to cook, but all in all, very little work is involved: chuck every ingredient into a …

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Vegan Thai Veggie Balls With Thai Black Rice (VonShef Air Fryer Giveaway)

In Foodie Me, Giveaways, Reviewsby eva.katona@yahoo.com124 Comments

The air fryer was gifted by VonShef but all views are my own. Another recipe for Veganuary – this one is a lovely, warming, spicy Thai dish – perfect to brighten up a gloomy and cold January evening. I absolutely adore Thai food  – it is probably my favourite cuisine and I also like Thai fusion creations. It is very …

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Healthy and Vegan Nut Butter Bites With 4 Ingredients Only

In Foodie Meby eva.katona@yahoo.com10 Comments

The nut butters were kindly gifted by Indigo Herbs of Glastonbury. Nut butters are a fantastic alternative to regular butters and spreads. They are high in vitamins, minerals and healthy fats – very beneficial for heart health. They are lower in calories and fat, and higher in protein and fibre. I do love peanut butter but I also often use …

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Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Chestnuts in Maple Syrup Glaze Recipe

In Foodie Meby eva.katona@yahoo.com2 Comments

Over the next few weeks I’m turning my blog into a vegan foodie blog! Just joking… though, I will post a few new recipes as I’m challenging myself becoming vegan for Veganuary. As you might know already, I have been a a vegetarian for a few years now. But vegetarians eat milk products like cheese, yogurt and butter as well …

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Chocolate Gingerbread Men Recipe

In Foodie Meby eva.katona@yahoo.com8 Comments

This is my second recipe this week – I’m definitely in festive mood: cannot imagine Christmas without food I cooked and treats I baked. It’s somehow so elemental to treat my loved ones to delicious and nutritious food. Feels like channelling my Mother Archetype. And also, keeping bored children entertained on a gloomy Sunday afternoon. Which is what really happened …

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Italian Tortellini Soup Recipe

In Foodie Meby eva.katona@yahoo.com13 Comments

I love Italian food, I could eat pasta every single day. Some of my favourite Italian recipes are vegetarian “by default” like pasta puttanesca and pizza margarita. The key is always the quality of the ingredients – but they are the simplest and easiest dishes. And of course any pasta and risotto dish can be easily turned into a meat …

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5 Top Tips For Cosy Winter Movie Nights (Popcorn Shed Giveaway!)

In Foodie Me, Giveaways, Lifeby eva.katona@yahoo.com56 Comments

In collaboration with Popcorn Shed. As the evenings are still getting darker for the next few weeks, I love spending evenings and weekends at home with my family. We don’t normally watch too much telly, but now that the children are in bed by 8pm – we choose a movie to watch every other night, snuggling up on the sofa. …

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Classic Cheese and Wine Hamper from Review

In Foodie Me, Reviewsby eva.katona@yahoo.comLeave a Comment

I was gifted with this hamper by  Everyone loves a good hamper for Christmas. Hampers are a great way of gifting as it’s a little bit like buying an experience for someone but still an actual gift, and a fabulous looking one! It’s an experience, because you normally put special and exquisite goodies together to make it a hamper …