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Win a Bronnley Rose Luxury Fragrance Gift Set

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Gifted item. I’ve always liked Bronnley England products especially their famous rose scented ones. They make a great Christmas gift as well – especially, that they are almost completely plastic free!  In the run up to Christmas, I’m happy to offer my readers 10% discount if you decide to buy any gifts from Bronnley. Just use FRIENDOFBRONNLEY10 at checkout. Rose …

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Review and Giveaway: Nurturify Organic Cotton Reusable Cotton Pads Bundle

In Giveaways, Green & Ethical Living, Reviews by eva.katona@yahoo.com30 Comments

Gifted items. As I wrote it last week in my blog post about the 5 Eco-friendly Ways to Wrap Your Christmas Presents to me, reusable make up remover pads were one of the easiest eco-swap (and one of the first ones) I made. I still use one of the first sets I’ve been sent, they are now around 1.5 year …

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Review And Giveaway: Ravetta Designs Jewellery

In Design, Giveaways, Reviews, Style by eva.katona@yahoo.com36 Comments

Gifted item. I’m not a massive jewellery person in the sense of liking everything pretty and shiny. May it be the finest diamond studded golden piece. But if it hasn’t got an attached meaning (and is unethically produces) it holds no value or beauty in my eyes. This is why I often choose statement jewellery that is handmade. Plus I …

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Christmas Giveaway: Big Hamper of Eco-Friendly Products

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Well, we are slowly entering the Christmas season – there’s only a few days left of November and we will be officially in December and getting ready and excited for Christmas. This year was like no other before. I do hope that all my lovely readers kept well and safe and will continue to do so until we finally manage …

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Posterlounge Review And £100 Gift Voucher Giveaway

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Gifted product. I used to think, If I can’t get to buy the original art piece, I’d rather not have anything. This is utterly stupid thinking – now 20 years on, I have realised this. Why wouldn’t I surround myself with art pieces I like just because they are not originals? See I really like lots of different artist, but …

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Vegan Treats Giveaway

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I thought it’s time again for a little giveaway treat for my readers. This time it’s a little vegan treats giveaway bundle with chocolate, shampoo and conditioner bar and more! What’s in the giveaway bundle Ohso orange chocolate bars RRP: 3.89 Smidge vegan wax kitchen wrap set RRP: £13.49 Leaf & Root lavender and bergamot natural deodorant RRP: £8.50 Bamboo …

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Review and Giveaway: Phox – The World’s Most Eco-Friendly Water Filter

In Design, Giveaways, Green & Ethical Living by eva.katona@yahoo.com54 Comments

Gifted item You probably already know that plastic bottled water is an all round waste: companies that make bottled water only sell you plastic: access to water is an universal right (it should be, at least) and all they do is put water that runs in your tap anyway into plastic bottles and sell it. The majority of these bottles …

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Giveaway: Win With Ink & Drop

In Design, Giveaways, Home & Garden by eva.katona@yahoo.com48 Comments

Gifted item We are in the middle of creating a feature wall in our living room (slowly but surely collected the prints and posters we wanted – still some more to come). I love a feature wall, it’s so cool and stylish at the same time. It’s a great way to express one’s personal arty taste. Ink & Drop kindly …

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Giveaway: Win Smash Lunch Bags And Reusable Water Bottles

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Gifted products It’s back to school! After nearly 6 months since the lockdown has started in the UK, school is finally back! My children are super excited: my daughter cannot wait to start big school (she’ll be in reception class) and my son has really missed his school friends, so they are equally looking forward to be back. They both …

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Giveaway: Cheeky Wipes Reusables Bundle

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Gifted products Period products, single use make up pads and wet wipes – 3 of the most often used and immediately thrown away after use products. Before and during the lockdown we have seen a fantastic shift people wanting and willing to make small swaps in their every day life to be kinder to the planet. It’s great to see …