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Win a Personalised Planner – Sustainable Stationery The Wee Bit Of This And That

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Gifted product. I’ve always been a stationery fan, ever since I was a little girl. In the last couple of years though, I started to resist buying nice stationery as I thought it all just creates lots of waste. And that they are kind of unnecessary.  Well, most of them is. All the glittery, flittery and fluffy stuff is. That …

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Review and Giveaway: Eco-Flow Tap Adapter

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Gifted item. As a family of 4 we use lots of water but we try to reduce it as much as we can. We take conscious steps to save water that includes: taking showers instead of having a bath  short showers of 5-10 minutes kids luckily still can share the bath reusing pasta water for watering plants filling dishwasher and …

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Giveaway: Win Jaques Classic Wooden Toys

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Gifted products. As I write this, thinking about Earth Day, which earlier this week and how we need to celebrate Mother Earth not just one day a year and maybe switching the lights off for an hour but every day by taking small steps that can change the future for the better.  We all know that plastic and our throwaway …

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Review and Giveaway: Green & Heath Sustainable Homewares

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Gifted item. I’m always on the look out for homewares that are beautiful, useful, lasting and sustainably produced. It’s hard to find brands that meet with the criteria.  I recently came across Green & Heath and I was over the moon when they wanted to work with me. Green & Heath creates beautiful homewares and rest and relaxation products. You …

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Win A Family Pack Of Bamboo Toothbrushes From Panda Smile

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Gifted products. Bamboo toothbrushes are one of the easiest and simplest eco swaps – they cut out lots of plastic that is almost single use (because we only use them for a few weeks before throwing them away. Plus they don’t get recycled either). In fact, one of the most often found plastic in the seas and beaches are toothbrushes. …

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Win A Wellbeing Bundle

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It’s hard to adjust and all of a sudden start living a “normal” life again – it’s just like going into lockdown: it’s a shock to the system and it requires a lot of flexibility from everyone no doubt. Preparing for this is essential – but not always possible, we have sort of learned to live with all the uncertain …

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Win a Mother’s Day Gift Set from Refillogic

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So for those, who doesn’t know this yet: we. teamed up with a mum from Bobcat’s class and we are opening a real, brick and mortar zero waste shop in Surbiton, South-West London, where we live.  Not only that, our web shop is now open at This has always been my – kind of – lifetime goal. Having to …

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Win a LastObject Zero Waste Beauty Kit

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LastObject is now a well known brand for their ingenious zero waste beauty products and reusables, like LastTissue and LastSwab. Now they have a few new items to offer in the LastObject family. LastObject products are: Zero Waste Switch to reusable alternatives and reduce massive amounts of waste impacting our environment. Easy to Clean All our products are easy to …

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Win A 100% Natural Coir Doormat From Red Candy

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Gifted items. If you like a splash of colour and products that are designed to bring fun, originality and a bit of a quirkiness to brighten up your everyday – Red Candy is your place to browse. I’ve been kindly sent these super cute bamboo plates for the children, which they love and of course I instantly fell in love …

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Green and Happy Shop Reusable Kitchen Unpaper Roll Review and Giveaway

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Gifted item. One of the latest changes I made on my eco journey is adding unpaper kitchen towels and removing single use paper towels from my kitchen. To be honest I haven’t used them lately at all, because they are just so wasteful. I used regular kitchen towels for everything lately. But I wanted a dedicated towel set for food …