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Review & Giveaway: VonShef Halogen Oven From Domu Brands

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I quite like nice food and cooking but until now I have never heard of halogen ovens. So if you’re like me, you might want to know how does it work. It is essentially just like your oven, just smaller. There’s one big difference though I’d like to highlight immediately: halogen oven cooks way faster then your regular oven so …

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Read with Oxford Children’s Books Giveaway by Oxford Owl

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Read with Oxford Children’s Books Giveaway by Oxford Owl You might remember a few weeks ago we reviewed Read with Oxford Books which are great  books for little children, who have just started to explore the world of the words. It’s a newly published range and the aim is to help children learn to read, and love to read. The Read with Oxford Stages have been developed …

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Win a Star Constellation Poster by Modern Map Art Worth $59.99 (Worldwide Giveaway)

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I have one more giveaway for you to celebrate Father’s Day! I teamed up with Modern Map Art for a global giveaway this time. Modern Map Art designs personalised star constellation posters. You can add specific time and place; and they will recreate your unforgettable moment in a form of a star map. So this personalised poster art is like …

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Letterbox Cake from bakerdays – Review and Giveaway

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As Father’s Day is fast approaching I’m bringing you another great gift idea and giveaway. I do love personalised gifts – especially if they are edible! Cakes are great for any occasion (or even without any occasion like a surprise or a “thinking of you” gift). Letterbox cake from bakerdays We received a cute letterbox cake from bakerdays which is …

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Win £50 to spend at for Father’s Day!

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Father’s Day with Father’s Day just like Mother’s Day in my view – equally important and it should be celebrated by the whole family. It’s always a lovely occasion to spend a day together and let daddy to choose his favourite activity: let it be going to the seaside or to a football match. It’s all about the family …

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Win an Eco-Friendly Slow Cooker From Wonderbag for Father’s Day

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If you’re reading my blog, you might remember that I reviewed a quite fantastic, eco-friendly slow cooker earlier this year. I still love it, use it and I still think that it’s a fantastic product which deserves all the fantastic reviews. But if you have missed this post, let me quickly introduce it to you before jumping to the competition. …

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Natural Dermatology Day Moisturiser for Acne Prone Skin Review and Giveaway

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Problematic skin All my life I battled with some sort of a skin problem. I always have had spots on my face, even into adulthood. I never got to the bottom of the reasons why, because it’s not that bad. But, I sport a pimple or rather two all the time. Especially after being pregnant and breastfeeding, I can see …

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Made From Renewable Energy Crisps From Fairfields Farm Review And Giveaway

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Food shopping on a green way I love discovering independent businesses which are also doing their best to make their products eco-friendly and ethical as possible. For me, making a purchase decision these two factors matter. Especially, when it comes to food. Whilst I still shop at supermarkets, I’m consciously shifting my food purchases towards small shops, local producers like …

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Some Body Banana Protein Powder And Pancake Mix From Superdrug – Review And Giveaway

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Your protein intake matters Protein is present in every cell in your body, this the component your body uses for building and repairing all the tissues. Including all the muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood too. Your body does not store protein, so you need to make sure you are getting your daily recommended intake. The DRI (Dietary Reference Intake) is 0.8 grams of …

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Songmics Ottoman Storage Bench Review And Giveaway

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Songmics Ottoman Storage Bench Review And Giveaway I’ve been looking for a shoe storage piece for my small hall for ages when I came across Songmics products on Amazon. It’s hard to find something which fits and sits well in that small space, holds a few pair of shoes for each family member and looks good. I just hated all …