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Win an Eco-conscious House of Margaux Kids’ Outfit!

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This fantastic giveaway is brought to you by House of Margaux. About House of Margaux As you know, I love introducing small eco businesses because I believe they are the future, the better future for all of us.  House of Margaux is a small independent baby and children’s fashion brand designed and ethically produced in the UK. Every item of …

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Review: Smart Vegan School Shoes from Start-Rite

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Gifted items. As you might know I am *mostly* vegan and been vegetarian for over a decade. When it comes to buying non-food items it’s ALWAYS vegan if it’s a new item. If I have to buy something newly, I do make sure that it’s vegan, cruelty free and not tested on animals. So in case of shoes for example …

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Review: JANOLIVE Organic Cotton T-shirts

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Gifted item. T-shirts are my absolute favourite basics. I wear them with plain or even going out skirts, trousers, and jeans. They can be dressed up or down and a good design will always look cool; especially if the quality of the material lasts. And for this reason I like organic cotton the most.  Why organic cotton? Organic cotton is …

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Sustainable Gifting 101 for Family Members: Presents For Kids

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Sponsored post. If you are a parent, chances are you have already received a number of unwanted gifts for your children. Like with any gifts, this happens all the time but totally avoidable. It takes a little effort to find out what the children really want and the parents agree with. Clearly, most kids want toys and fun. Usually parents’ …

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Forever Summer with Daisy London Sustainable Jewellery

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Gifted items. In the past I wrote a few posts about why is it important to choose ethically made and sustainable jewellery. When it comes to precious metals and stones – our planet has a limited resource: what’s being mined right is probably the lasts of the resource. The supply is limited. The demand never. Mining precious stones and metals …

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9 Fashion Items That Never Go Out of Style – So They Are Sustainable

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Ever-changing Fashion vs Sustainable Fashion Fashion is a tricky place to be, as it’s a world that is ever-changing. It can go from cool and trendy one year to so 2000 and out-of-date the next! (For example, fedoras.) And yet, with the fluctuating nature of the fashion industry, there are some styles that seem to catch on and stick around …

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Coconutty Summer Greens – Vegan Recipe

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I often just don’t know what to do with summer greens as they are generally great pairing meat based or meat free roast type of dishes but in summer I don’t want to eat that. I summer I like light and easy to prepare dishes, that are enjoyable just by themselves and certainly don’t want to spend hours in the …

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Daily Note: World Refill Day

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As you know I have a refill shop so it’s important that today I talk about why is it important to change our consuming ways. And whilst of course not achieving zero waste (I don’t think that’s possible at all) but we all do our bests to reduce plastic pollution.  Plastic pollution en bloc mainly really consist of single use …

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Introducing the New WUKA Flex Period Pants – Fit All Sizes

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This is a sponsored post. I’ve been using a few different reusable products lately. My flow is changing as getting closer to peri menopausal days, or maybe already there, hard to know. I noticed the menstrual cup has not been too comfortable lately so I switched to reusable pads and pants.  I’ve tried a few different brands of period pants …

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Factors To Consider When Choosing a Road Bike

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This is a collaborate post. Cycling is a great way to move around town, exercise or have fun on trails in the countryside. It’s also better for the environment! Many people are getting into cycling, hence a growth in bike manufacturing companies. This growth has led to a broad variety of road bikes in the market. Which is why you …