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What Is The True Cost of Sustainable Living in Texas?

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Over 5 million pre-existing homes are sold in the United States each year. Many of these homes are purchased by first-time buyers. One of the biggest concerns most people have when it comes to their residence is making it as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. One of the first things should do when moving into a new home in Texas …

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Green Habits At Home: Introducing Your Children To An Ethical Lifestyle

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This is a collaborative post. Maybe it’s something you’ve been keeping from your children for a while, but you’ve been able to influence it in other ways, like going on a family holiday while minimising your carbon footprint, but introducing your children to an ethical lifestyle that they can follow is easier than you think. When it comes to introducing …

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My Green And Ethical Picks Of The Month: May 2019

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I received and tested these products in exchange for my honest review. One of my favourite thing about my blog is that I have this massive opportunity to make a difference. I use my blog to spread the word and make people aware of green and ethical issues. I find, that the best way is to do this by introducing …

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Ethically Sourced Toys and Games from Ethiqana – Review

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I received the board game in exchange for this review. In this age, when you can see all those toy advertisements everywhere, children can be very easily sucked into the sort of “age-appropriate commercialism” where they get lots of new toys, quite often, without an occasion, just because the parents can afford and the children demand to buy them. I’m …

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Eco Friendly, Personalised Gift Ideas From Dust & Things Plus Giveaway!

In Green & Ethical Living, Home & Garden, Reviews by eva.katona@yahoo.com48 Comments

Disclaimer: gifted items People who know me also know that I don’t like surprises. I love, however, presents with a meaning and even better: presents on a mission! Like a lot’s of other people I have a soft spot for personalised presents. So, if I find something which ticks all the boxes, I’m going to share it with you.   I …

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The Good Cause Of The Month: Plogolution

In Green & Ethical Living, Life by eva.katona@yahoo.com8 Comments

As you know, every month I introduce a charity organisation on my blog in order to raise awareness for them. Since I have this fantastic platform, my blog, I try to use it to support good causes too. This month, I’d like to introduce: Plogolution  What is plogging? Last year the founders Dermot and Michelle came across plogging, which is …

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10 Top Tips For An Eco Friendly Office

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This is a collaborative post. Although, I’m currently working form home, I used to work in hotels and other travel companies and being on the green board of each workplace was a priority for me. If you’re passionate about something, you’ll find yourself to bring it with you everywhere you go. Being green means exactly this: it’s not only about …

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The Environmental Impact of Plastic Bottles and Bottled Water

In Green & Ethical Living by eva.katona@yahoo.com5 Comments

This is a collaborative post. You are advised to take at least eight glasses of water a day. But, how reasonable is that? Well, it is achievable mostly if you have access to clean drinking water: which will mostly happen if you are at home and when you can access the dispenser at your workplace. For folks who cycle for the …

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Get Summer Ready – Big Ethical and Eco Friendly Giveaway

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Hi everyone, I thought, it’s been a while since I ran my favourite giveaways, so let’s have one. Like always, I’ve teamed up with some fantastic eco friendly and ethical brands to promote their products as well as hopefully help everyone to make conscious, ethical and environmentally friendly choices. Also a very important point for me that these small, indie …

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25 Smart Tips How To Reduce Food Waste At Home

In Foodie Me, Green & Ethical Living by eva.katona@yahoo.com10 Comments

Food waste – as we have probably all heard it lately on the news is a major contributor to climate change. Between 33-50% of all food produced globally is never eaten and that is a staggering figure. Which means that we waste lots of energy, resources and of course  it’s also a moral problem. It’s not just about starving people somewhere …