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Angela Langford Balanced & Beautiful Balancing Face Oil Review

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As you already know I’m a huge fan of natural skin care and essential oils. My holistic approach is: the same way I nourish my body with non-processed and meat free food I treat my skin with natural and organic beauty products which are also cruelty free. I try to avoid artificial ingredients and chemicals both in my diet and my beauty products. I’m not going over …

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Ethical Days Out For Families Who Care

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When the sun has got its hat on and the whole family feels like going out to play, who wants to spend their day strolling dead-eyed around some retail park? We must not have gotten the memo that said that shopping was suddenly a fun family activity, but it’s not a theory that we necessarily subscribe to. After all, we …

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Looking For Alternative Ways to Fuel Your Car?

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Looking For Alternative Ways to Fuel Your Car? As we all know, fossil fuel is a depleting commodity that’s becoming more and more scarce.  There are serious negative impacts on consuming fossil fuel, and from a cost perspective, the law of supply and demand means it is destined to rise in price.   With fuel prices in the UK ever …

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Teaching The Children About Sustainable Living: Start In The Garden

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Ultra-processed food generation If you own a garden or an allotment, you have the best thing to teach your children about sustainable living. Everything starts with understanding where our food comes from and how do we produce food. According to the Guardian, 50% all the food bought by families in the UK is now “ultra-processed”, made in a factory with industrial ingredients …

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19 Ideas To Save Household Money On An Eco-Friendly Way

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19 Ideas To Save Household Money On An Eco-Friendly Way I’m a stay at home parent and I make the majority of our household purchase decisions. As I also happen to be quite a eco conscious person, Iso have developed a few ways how to cut down on cost and be environmentally friendly at the same time. I always love …

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A Green Garden That Gives Back To The Environment

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A Green Garden That Gives Back To The Environment “Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?” Hopefully, the answer is healthy and with the planet in mind. There’s no doubt that there are easier places to start than with the Great Outdoors. Let’s face it – the stretch of lawn out the back is a high-maintenance job. You …

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Wonderbag Review – A Revolutionary, Environmentally Friendly Slow Cooker (Plus A Simple Curry Recipe!)

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Why I need a slow cooker I never had a slow cooker before, as I’m being vegetarian we don’t really make meaty stews at home. So I was a little bit reluctant as I thought: I don’t really need one, do I? However, I’ve heard many people use their slow cooker for preparing veggie meals too and so I had …

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Getting Organised With Eco-Friendly Notice Boards At Home

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Being better organised I’ve had two New Year resolutions. One is a regular one, this is what I’m promising to do every year: doing my best to live as eco conscious as I can. It means that I add new habits and change old ones in order to live more environmentally friendly. There is always a space for improvement.
 My …

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The Only Way Forward: Reusable Shopping Bags

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Deadly plastic bags I’m sure you have seen at least one of the recent photos and videos circulating on the internet: a tortoise tangled in plastic bag. Or a diver filming himself in swimming the plastic polluted sea. These images are popping up more and more frequently on social media feeds. Unfortunately they are coming from every corner of the …

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Captain Bobcat’s Mother’s Day Giveaway

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About this Mother’s Day giveaway So….. since my Christmas giveaway series were so successful, I decided to do the same thing for this occasion. This might be my signature as a green and ethical lifestyle blogger in the future. Instead of gift guides, I prefer to run a giveaway, so people can meet with these indy brands I like. I …