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The Big Eco-friendly And Ethical Christmas Giveaway – Bundle Number 1.

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This giveaway is now closed but if you landed on this page it’s probably because you are looking for some eco-friendly and ethical Christmas gift ideas, right? This post features all the small business, ethical brands and eco-friendly products I enjoyed in 2017 and enjoy to this date! Find some inspiration with our Christmas 2017 gift guide bundle 1.  Don’t …

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5 Ways To Bring Nature Closer If You Live In A City

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We’re lucky, because we live in a suburban area now, surrounded by parks, the river and the beautiful Surrey hills within just a few miles drive. But I used to live in cities when I was younger and had no family. As much as I loved the convenience of living in a big city with the career  I wanted, going …

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5 Benefits Of Introducing Your Children To Gardening

In Green & Ethical Living, Home & Garden by eva.katona@yahoo.com26 Comments

5 Benefits Of Introducing Your Children To Gardening I’m thinking about getting a little allotment for us. I thought, a year rental for my husband as a Christmas present may be a good idea, as he absolutely loves gardening. We live in a flat by the river with fantastic views to Hampton Court Palace and the park and we love …

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Save Money And The Environment With Used Kitchen Exchange

In Green & Ethical Living by eva.katona@yahoo.com11 Comments

As you know I’m a big fan of upcycled and regenerated products. I hate wasting nice things – just because I can’t make a use of them anymore, they shouldn’t be just thrown away. From clothes to furniture, so many of our unwanted items can be repurposed or upcycled, which would otherwise end up in landfill. As an ethical buyer, …

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Are You With The Bees? Take The Honey Bee Quiz!

In Green & Ethical Living by eva.katona@yahoo.com2 Comments

Recently, you can see a lot in the news about the bees being endangered. We, humans are also responsible for the two main causes, which is the loss of their habitat and using harmful pesticides. There is also another reason with no current scientific explanation, called colony collapse disorder. Bees are doing a very important job for us: they pollinate …

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Kit & Kin Biodegradable Nappy Review

In Green & Ethical Living, Reviews by eva.katona@yahoo.com17 Comments

We normally use cloth nappies and disposable nappies combined – luckily my eldest is already toilet trained, so it’s a lot less nappy changes on a daily basis. With all the nappy changes we go through with each and every child, we add another about 6.500 disposable diapers to that already huge environmental impact what we create by using very …

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9 Reasons Why Having Fewer Toys Is Good For Your Children?

In Green & Ethical Living, Life by eva.katona@yahoo.com31 Comments

Lately, the two littlest in our household started to lead a lifestyle of a hoarder. They not only receive a lot of gifts (a lot of times without any specific reason or special occasion) but they also collect junklike stuff they want to keep and play with. Like colourful empty bottles, tissue paper, ribbons, etc. My eldest even steals things …

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Review: From Earth To Earth Bamboo Toothbrush

In Green & Ethical Living, Reviews by eva.katona@yahoo.com2 Comments

I was very much looking forward to test this toothbrush. I completely ruin a toothbrush in every 2-3 weeks. Don’t ask me how, I probably just brush like a maniac. Which means, I go through a lot of toothbrushes a year. Unfortunately, I never quite got used to the electric ones, I just miss my own brushing action. Lots of …

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Review: Humble Stuff Eco Cleaning Products

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With Marie, the creative mind behind Humble Stuff we share the same ideas about being green. We even jokingly agreed on rather receiving eco-friendly cleaning products for Christmas than yet another jumper from Marks and Spencer. I’m always on the look out for natural everyday products without harsh chemicals and without giving up on performance. Not just for our planet, but …

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Foodji – Welcome To The Food Waste Revolution

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Food waste is not only a moral but an environmental issue too. I’m pretty conscious about producing waste and if there’s something which helps me with that, I’m up for it. Luckily, with the help of great innovations it’s getting easier lately. Foodji is a new Iphone App that allows the user to track food best before date, choose to …