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10 Ways To Be Environmentally Friendly And Save On Heating Too

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10 Ways To Be Environmentally Friendly And Save On Heating Too Gas and electricity bills can be a real shock in January: the first month of the year not only can be the coldest, but the most expensive too (especially after all the money we spent during Christmas!). Turning the heating up because of the winter blues is something we …

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How To Design Your Perfect Garden From Scratch

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How To Design Your Perfect Garden From Scratch Gardening is one of the most therapeutic and relaxing activities you can do. Spending a whole weekend outside, just deadheading here and there, pruning a hedge or planting a new find from the garden centre is the best way for everyone to slow down after a hectic week and just be with …

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Toddler Friendly Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

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Bloggers are quite outspoken creatures. Well, you can’t really be a blogger without this quality. So I was a little bit disappointed that my little girl, who’s 18 months old at the moment couldn’t keep her tiny hands off the already decorated Christmas tree and kept stealing and hiding the ornaments thinking it’s a hilarious game. I kept saying ‘no’, …

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5 Benefits Of Introducing Your Children To Gardening

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5 Benefits Of Introducing Your Children To Gardening I’m thinking about getting a little allotment for us. I thought, a year rental for my husband as a Christmas present may be a good idea, as he absolutely loves gardening. We live in a flat by the river with fantastic views to Hampton Court Palace and the park and we love …

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Review: Wraptious – Affordable And Unique Gifts For Art Lovers

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I love making gift guides for special loved ones featuring my new favourite finds. I especially like it when a product or idea combines art with ethical standards. When Wraptious contacted me to review one of their product and their site, I didn’t know too much about them. Wraptious sells award-winning gift items supporting artists. The first thing I came across, …

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Benefits Of Using Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser

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I used to love elegant scented candles. I really like the balmy welcome when I get home or having guests and they also eliminate other smells. Like baby vomit 🙂 But then I’ve learned that they are not very good for your health. In fact, they potentially contain harmful chemicals which are then released by burning the candle and we …

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How To Make Lebkuchen Christmas Tree Decoration

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So, I’ve been baking all week last week to get the recipe right for this year’s Christmas tree decoration. I’ve decided to make cookie ornaments this year, completely toddler friendly, if Bobcat gets his hands on them and takes a bite – no problemo, it’s just cookies. Oh, and the gorgeous smell of the freshly baked cookies will fill your …