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ROKA Canary Wharf Review – Festive Season Menus

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This is a collaborative post. I’m a big fan of tasting menus in general and come the festive season – a lot of London restaurants offer Christmas and Festive Season menus. On this occasion we booked ROKA in Canary Wharf – which was really something unusual because the city is normally not exactly the area we visit. We had tickets …

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3 Great Christmas Gifts For Children With ASD From TigerParrot

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These toys were gifted by Buying toys for a small child with Autism is not easy. Bobcat has a firm affection for trains and all sorts of vehicles – but mainly trains. This is quite common with children on the spectrum, so we often visit miniature railways, the London Transport Museum and he has countless little trains and wooden …

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Contemporary Beauty With Conflict-Free Gem Stones: Nude Jewellery Review

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Disclaimer: I received this item in exchange for my honest review. I do like jewellery, but I’m not in for the boring pieces as you might know this already. I prefer handmade, custom designed pieces to match my taste. My husband knows this so whenever he buys me something for me, he makes sure that it’s a something unique, stylish …

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Christmas Toy Shopping Sorted: Wicked Uncle Review

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I have received this item in exchange for my honest review. When it comes to buying Christmas presents for the children, we can all feel a bit overwhelmed: there are so many toys available and the toy makers are coming out with newer and bigger ideas how to grab parents by their wallet. Thinking of all the adverts I came …

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Acdria Handmade, Nature Inspired Jewellery Review and Giveaway

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I have received this product in exchange for my unbiased review. I like statement jewellery and I am big fan of handmade items from small shops and manufactures. I also often buy them as a gift. Just recently came across Acdria, a small family run jewellery designer company, based in England. Because the items are handmade in the UK, they are also …

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Christmas Hamper from Prestige Hampers Review and Giveaway

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I have been working with Prestige Hampers with a few times on special occasions and they just never disappoint. They are my go to gift choice every Christmas as they have not only a large selection of hampers but they have great quality products in their hampers. Hampers are my favourite things at Christmas. I love to give them and receive them …

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Cheese Board and Knife Set from VonShef Review and Giveaway

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I *might* have mentioned, that I love dinner parties! I love hosting them too, not just attending one, in fact I probably prefer hosting.  Love having friends over and chatting away whilst having a nice meal, good wine. The company that matters, they say, but I adore the old fashioned side of dinner parties too: getting dressed up, getting the …

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Review & Giveaway: VonShef Halogen Oven From Domu Brands

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I quite like nice food and cooking but until now I have never heard of halogen ovens. So if you’re like me, you might want to know how does it work. It is essentially just like your oven, just smaller. There’s one big difference though I’d like to highlight immediately: halogen oven cooks way faster then your regular oven so …

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Read With Oxford – Books To Help Children Learn To Read (Review)

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Reading and ASD My son loves his books. He memorised many of his favourite stories. Children on the spectrum are quite often hyperlexic and develop a particular interest in books, pictures and words. I think the reason for this is the predictability of the letters and the written words. They always mean the same thing. No reading into people’s tones …

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Children’s Book Review: The Wiggle Woshers And Their Stolen Hearts

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Bobcat absolutely loves books, from early age – oddly this is totally different with our younger, neurotypical daugther – and has memorised lots of books. He is a hard nut when it comes to introducing a new book, as many young children with or without spectrum disorder, he currently prefers to read the same books over and over again. That’s …