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Me & I Clothing: Fun And Eco-Friendly Design For Children

In Reviews, Styleby eva.katona@yahoo.com17 Comments

When I buy clothes for my kids, I usually love picking bright and fun designs. It’s good if they last so I can pass them on to a friend. Apart from that, it’s important that they are kind to the skin (they both have very sensitive skin), so I only buy 100% cotton items and whenever possible: kind to the …

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Palo Alto Junior Museum And Zoo Review

In Reviews, Travelby eva.katona@yahoo.com10 Comments

Time for a family holiday throwback again! Who’d have thought? There’s so much to do with children in Central California. Palo Alto is famous for two things: Stanford University and the being the melting pot of Silicon Valley. About 35 miles south of San Francisco and if you drive, take lots of snacks, drinks and entertainment options for the kids …

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Bath Time Fun With Linea Mamma Baby

In Reviewsby eva.katona@yahoo.com9 Comments

Both my children have a very sensitive skin. My eldest used to have baby eczema. He’s fine now, because we made all the necessary changes what we had to, like switching to cloth nappies, to help his skin heal. I wrote about this already. Every time we try a different bath and body product, I have to make sure that …

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Healthy Snacks For Lunch Boxes: Chilean Easy Peelers

In Foodie Me, Reviewsby eva.katona@yahoo.com2 Comments

The back to school season brings back the everyday mission of supplying the children with healthy lunch box items they are surely going to eat. During the holidays and half terms it’s fairly easy to monitor what they eat and how much. But once they are back in school, we want to make sure that they eat their packed lunch and …

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Sweetpea Pantry Baking Mixes Review

In Foodie Me, Reviewsby eva.katona@yahoo.com4 Comments

I normally prefer to make food from scratch which takes time but then I can eat food the way I like it. It’s sort of an everyday luxury. Every so often though, life just gets too big and busy. Sometimes you just need to save some time whenever it’s possible. Like getting home later than planned, unexpected guests popping around, …

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Children’s Discovery Museum In San Jose Review

In Reviews, Travelby eva.katona@yahoo.com16 Comments

We were on holiday in the States recently and stayed in San Jose for a few weeks, visiting friends. As we tried to combine quality indoor time (hiding from the heat) and lots of outdoor fun, we came across the Children’s Discovery Museum in San Jose. If you’re ever around and have a small child to entertain, don’t hesitate to …

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Quick Midweek Meals With Capsicana

In Foodie Me, Reviewsby eva.katona@yahoo.com5 Comments

I love to cook and I normally use fresh ingredients, including the herbs and the spices. But there are days when I don’t feel to cook everything from the scratch, because it’s been a busy day, I’m too tired or the kids are just too handful. I’m not pretending I never used boxed meals from the supermarket, but I don’t …

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How To Cook Easy And Quick Vegetarian And Vegan Caribbean Food At Home

In Foodie Me, Reviewsby eva.katona@yahoo.com29 Comments

Have you ever tried Caribbean food? It’s vibrant, colourful and bursting with flavours. The combination of sweet and piquant, the mild fruity flavours and the aromatic hot sauces are a special fusion of a multicultural history. African, Latin-American, Spanish, Creole and some other cuisines are all blended into Caribbean flavours. I absolutely love it, however, it is traditionally heavily meat …

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Review: Boost Your Energy Level With Pharmaton Vitality

In Life, Reviewsby eva.katona@yahoo.com6 Comments

I’ve been taking multivitamins since my teenage years, sometimes combined with extra iron, since I always battled with low iron levels and even fatigue when I was younger. I generally feel that my energy level goes lower whenever I stop for a week or so. This always reassures me that my body needs that extra boost. Even though I can …

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Kit & Kin Biodegradable Nappy Review

In Green & Ethical Living, Reviewsby eva.katona@yahoo.com17 Comments

We normally use cloth nappies and disposable nappies combined – luckily my eldest is already toilet trained, so it’s a lot less nappy changes on a daily basis. With all the nappy changes we go through with each and every child, we add another about 6.500 disposable diapers to that already huge environmental impact what we create by using very …