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Review: Humble Stuff Eco Cleaning Products

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With Marie, the creative mind behind Humble Stuff we share the same ideas about being green. We even jokingly agreed on rather receiving eco-friendly cleaning products for Christmas than yet another jumper from Marks and Spencer. I’m always on the look out for natural everyday products without harsh chemicals and without giving up on performance. Not just for our planet, but …

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Review: Nim’s All Natural Vegetable And Fruit Crisps

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I’m always on the look out for healthy and vegetarian nibbles. Bobcat is a very picky eater, he currently doesn’t eat any fresh fruits or vegetables apart from a little banana and some tomato. No matter how creative and persistent I am, he just won’t eat them. Therefore, I’m keen to try new things just to make him eat some …

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Family Dayout Series: Drusillas Park East Sussex Review

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Drusillas Park is located in East Sussex, short drive from the lovely coast. Our first time visit left me with ambivalent feelings. Some parts of it are really nice, but others are just run-down or just random. It has no apparent concept either: bit of a mix of everything, but not too original or exciting. The park tries really hard though: …

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Foodji – Welcome To The Food Waste Revolution

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Food waste is not only a moral but an environmental issue too. I’m pretty conscious about producing waste and if there’s something which helps me with that, I’m up for it. Luckily, with the help of great innovations it’s getting easier lately. Foodji is a new Iphone App that allows the user to track food best before date, choose to …

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Review: Eden’s Semilla Aromatherapy Essential Oils

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Lucky lucky me! My friends at Eden’s Semilla sent me some wonderful new stuff to review. Knowing some of their products already, I was really excited. I’m actually a real sucker for aromatherapy oils. (Because my mum used them when I was a child, so for example the smell of orange flower oil makes me feel home.)  I use them a lot …

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Hotel Review: Meon Valley Marriott Hotel And Country Club

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We picked Meon Valley Marriott Hotel And Country Club for five nights in August as a mini-holiday near home. As we checked the reviews on Tripadvisor it was clear that many families chose the hotel for being “children friendly“. We thought, the rooms are big, there’s golf for daddy and beauty treatments for mummy, small children can use the swimming pool, so …

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Family Day Out Review Series: National Motor Museum Beaulieu

In Reviews, Travelby eva.katona@yahoo.com6 Comments

The National Motor Museum Beaulieu  was a big hit for our vehicle-fan toddler. So was for daddy and mummy too. Here’s why Beaulieu is a great place for everyone. The toddler’s favourites: Monorail – train on elevated tracks! Also going through the building of the museum. Fun to watch it too, but a ride is mandatory. “WHEELS” – it’s a ride, …

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Family Day Out At The Bockett’s Farm

In Reviews, Travelby eva.katona@yahoo.com4 Comments

So I’ve been hearing about this farm for ages from my mummy friends. It’s a short drive for a South Londoner, even with a toddler having a grumpy morning.  One lovely July day (when it was 30 C all of a sudden) we finally drove down there and visited it. We initially only intended to spend there no more than …

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Benefits Of Using Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser

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I used to love elegant scented candles. I really like the balmy welcome when I get home or having guests and they also eliminate other smells. Like baby vomit 🙂 But then I’ve learned that they are not very good for your health. In fact, they potentially contain harmful chemicals which are then released by burning the candle and we …

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Summer Matcha & Mint Lemonade

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I love matcha tea, not only tasty and healthy, but very versatile too as it comes in a powdered form. You can use it in cakes, smoothies, drinks and more. So when I received Matcha & Mint from EatCleanTea I got really excited. They asked me to review the product and create a summer drink recipe with it. Easy -peasy. The affair …