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ili Laptop Stand Review and Giveaway

In Giveaways, Green & Ethical Living, Reviewsby eva.katona@yahoo.com34 Comments

Advertorial post with gifted item Since I’m working from home and remotely, using my laptop, I often find myself sitting at the dinner table, typing away (just like at this very moment) and bang! Here comes a middle back or shoulders pain. I don’t have a desk, I often just sit on the couch when working. Mistake. We, who work …

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Review: Pala Ethical and Sustainable Sunglasses

In Green & Ethical Living, Reviews, Style, Uncategorizedby eva.katona@yahoo.com4 Comments

Gifted item. There’s really only a few brands that I know about their efforts to tackle both ethical issues and environmental ones. Even though, in my view it all goes hand in hand. You can’t be ethical only or eco-friendly only. As much as it is a big challenge for all brands to make profit, be ethical without harming the …

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Our Stay at the Chine Hotel in Bournemouth – Review

In Reviews, Travelby eva.katona@yahoo.com8 Comments

In May bank holiday – since we decided to do more UK holidays and staycations – we popped down to Bournemouth for the long weekend. We had a bit of a mixed weather because even though it was sunny all the way through, it was freezing cold. Luckily, the kids didn’t seem to mind so we had lots of fun …

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Our Stay At Marwell Hotel in Winchester – Review

In Reviews, Travelby eva.katona@yahoo.com7 Comments

Back in April half term we booked the Marwell Hotel for our three-day break near Winchester, mainly because it is situated right next to Marwell Zoo, where we planned to spend a whole day. The whole area is fantastic for children, there are plenty of things to do: the Marwell Zoo, National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, visiting Winchester, Peppa Pig …

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Ecofriendly Toys From Wicked Uncle – Review

In Reviewsby eva.katona@yahoo.comLeave a Comment

We received the toys in exchange for this review post. We already bought quite a few birthday presents from Wicked Uncle, it has been my go to site for children gifts for the past 2 years since I came across them. This time, for my girlie’s birthday (she turned three last weekend) I let her to pick her presents from …

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Visiting The Cutty Sark – A London Family Day Out (Review)

In Reviews, Travelby eva.katona@yahoo.com6 Comments

Gifted experience. We normally venture into London with the children every other week, since we live in the suburbs. It’s fun to be a tourist in your own town! There are so many places to explore and even to re-visit! Exploring Greenwich for example is a proper holiday, because even though it’s only about an hour and a half from …

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Ethically Sourced Toys and Games from Ethiqana – Review

In Green & Ethical Living, Reviewsby eva.katona@yahoo.comLeave a Comment

I received the board game in exchange for this review. In this age, when you can see all those toy advertisements everywhere, children can be very easily sucked into the sort of “age-appropriate commercialism” where they get lots of new toys, quite often, without an occasion, just because the parents can afford and the children demand to buy them. I’m …

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Eco Friendly, Personalised Gift Ideas From Dust & Things Plus Giveaway!

In Green & Ethical Living, Home & Garden, Reviewsby eva.katona@yahoo.com48 Comments

Disclaimer: gifted items People who know me also know that I don’t like surprises. I love, however, presents with a meaning and even better: presents on a mission! Like a lot’s of other people I have a soft spot for personalised presents. So, if I find something which ticks all the boxes, I’m going to share it with you.   I …

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Kids Not Sleeping Because It’s Still Light Outside? – Get Blackout Blinds

In Home & Garden, Reviewsby eva.katona@yahoo.comLeave a Comment

I have received the roller blind in exchange for my honest review. Probably every parent of young children has same love and hate relationship with the gorgeous late spring and summer evenings: they are balmy, everything soaks in the gorgeous evening lights and it’s still light outside even at nearly 9pm. But there’s one thing we don’t like about it, …

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Family Trip To The National Rail Museum York (Review)

In Reviews, Travelby eva.katona@yahoo.com9 Comments

Back in February half term we decided to take a trip to York and visit the National Rail Museum. Bobcat and daddy are huge train fans, I *might* have mentioned this before. Bobcat has a few interests these days, but trains are the biggest things for him. They were his first big interests and still are. This is of course …