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Best Christmas Markets For Children In The UK

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Can you believe that it’s almost Christmas? It won’t be long until you’re popping up the Christmas tree (we’re decorating it this weekend, can’t wait) with your little ones and cleaning up the mess made by your devilish elf-on-the-shelf. But Christmas isn’t Christmas until you visit lovely Christmas markets, straight out of a Christmas tale, although sometimes it can be …

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Colorado Travel Tips – For Every Season

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We visited Colorado briefly on our honeymoon a few years ago. We instantly fell in love with the American state often and rightfully recocnised about its natural beauty. Ever since, we are planning to go back and visit Colorado again. We would love to take the children with us of course, and it would be lovely to stay a classic …

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10 Best Children Friendly Beaches In Ibiza

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Sitting here on a rainy November Monday evening and thinking about booking our next summer family holiday. I keep going back to the idea of taking the kids to Ibiza. I lived on the White Island for 2 years, but I’ve never been back since I left 5 years ago. So I’m thinking, it’s about time. My husband has never …

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Day Out In The Wonderfully Quirky Bekonscot

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We recently discovered a truly unique place for about an hour and a bit drive from London. A great little day out if you live near! Bekonscot is located in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire. It’s a modal village with a miniature railway but it’s not your average, vintage little modal village form the 1970’s. Far from that. It’s a perfect day out …

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Palo Alto Junior Museum And Zoo Review

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Time for a family holiday throwback again! Who’d have thought? There’s so much to do with children in Central California. Palo Alto is famous for two things: Stanford University and the being the melting pot of Silicon Valley. About 35 miles south of San Francisco and if you drive, take lots of snacks, drinks and entertainment options for the kids …

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Travelling With Children: When A Family Flight Is Delayed

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Flying long haul with small children requires a lot of planning. How to entertain them, how to dress them, how are they going to sleep, how to make them sit still at take off and landing, just to mention the main concerns. It’s important to plan out the small details too, because it can be a very nerve wrecking few …

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Gilroy Gardens Review – More Than A Themepark

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I’m still nowhere near with writing up all about our 3 week holiday on the Central Coast in California. We did a lot and to my honest surprise: there is so much quality and educational entertainment for kids, even for the very little ones. During our visit, for a few days, the temperature went through the roof: right up to …

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Children’s Discovery Museum In San Jose Review

In Reviews, Travel by eva.katona@yahoo.com16 Comments

We were on holiday in the States recently and stayed in San Jose for a few weeks, visiting friends. As we tried to combine quality indoor time (hiding from the heat) and lots of outdoor fun, we came across the Children’s Discovery Museum in San Jose. If you’re ever around and have a small child to entertain, don’t hesitate to …

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10 Top Tips For Overseas Holidays And Flight With Small Children

In Life, Travel by eva.katona@yahoo.com41 Comments

This summer we’re going on an overseas holiday, to California. Visiting friends, attending a wedding, driving a bit around. I know you probably think we’re surely crazy doing this with a 3 year old and a 14 months old. Well, we have some experience already: we did the same trip when my boy was 15 months old only, 2 years …

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Legoland Windsor Visit – Day Out With A Toddler

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We’ve been planning the visit to Legoland for ages, but we thought that Bobcat might be just too young being under three. Both mummy and daddy are hardcore Lego fans (even granddad!) so we also really looked forward to the day since we we booked the tickets. Upon arrival, at 10 am on a Saturday morning, term time, we were …