Causes of Cellulite You Need to Know About

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What is cellulite? It is a complex cosmetic problem that can also become a medical problem if not treated properly. 

When cellulite appears, that means that the collagen production is disrupted and the fibers that connect the skin to the fat are destroyed or stretched. The fat cells overgrow, become inflamed, and the blood circulation is disturbed. The space between them is filled with protein fibers. The enlarged fat cells put pressure on the connective tissue, and the surface skin looks like orange peel. You can find cellulite in your legs, on buttocks, on thighs, on stomach. If you understand what really causes cellulite, the problem is easier to deal with.

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What causes cellulite?

What primarily causes cellulite:

  • unhealthy lifestyles;

  • lack of physical activity;

  • poor nutrition;

  • inadequate hydration.

Other factors: age, hormonal changes, overweight, fluid retention in the body, quality of connective tissue, problems with blood and lymph flow.

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Women ask nutritionists what food causes cellulite? According to experts, the list of foods that cause cellulite looks like this:

  • strong coffee, which slows blood flow;

  • salt, which is responsible for water retention;

  • flour products can affect the surface of the skin;

  • fast food, which provokes fat deposits because of its high caloric content;

  • convenience foods that slow down your metabolism.

Your skin’s poor appearance can also be affected by a vitamin deficiency: A, D, E, B2, B6, C.



The condition of cellulite is affected by the work of the thyroid gland and hormonal balance. What hormone causes cellulite? It is the female hormone estrogen. Increased estrogen levels can cause lymphatic outflow and circulation problems. The body swells, estrogen makes fat and excess fluid in the tissues. Progesterone in excess is another enemy of common women. It weakens collagen fibers, muscle tone decreases, skin loses elasticity, and lumps of fat cells appear stronger.

Hormonal failure causes cellulite in menopause. After the age of 40, the situation worsens due to a lack of a healthy diet and lack of physical activity.

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Lack of exercise

Inactivity is one of the main causes of excess fat. It is a well-known fact that cellulite skin appears in both thin and fat women. If you have a higher body fat percentage, the visual cellulite manifestations are more pronounced.

How to prevent it? Physical activity, from exercising and jogging to your favorite sport, will help. Maintaining a healthy weight through sports enriches muscles with nutrients and revitalizes fat cells. In the fight against cellulite it is not necessary to strive for maximum weight loss. You need to balance exercise and holistically address it through activity, diet, cosmetic skin tightening. Non-invasive cellulite treatment in Toronto is also popular among women.

Accumulated toxins

Accumulated toxins in the subcutaneous fatty tissue can play a role in provoking cellulite in women. The processes may be accompanied by lymphatic stasis, deterioration of blood supply to the dermis, hypoxia, active production of collagen fibers and glycosaminoglycans that attract water. The main causes of cellulite in men are related to hormonal imbalance towards estrogen and progesterone. Stressed men and women are at risk for cellulite formation.


What causes cellulite during pregnancy:

  • hormonal restructuring;

  • the constant feeling of hunger;

  • an increase in weight in a short period;

  • disturbance of the water-salt balance;

  • vitamin and nutrient deficiencies.

It is not easy to fight these causes of cellulite in women during pregnancy and lactation. The safest way out: establish a healthy diet, consult a doctor about a safe weight, visit a massage therapist and classes on perinatal yoga, drink water, limit salt intake and take care of your skin. And visit a specialist to receive valuable information and advice on getting rid of cellulite on the stomach, thighs, calves, and buttocks.

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