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CBD Consumption Methods and Dosage Chart

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CBD, also called cannabidiol, is a drug that can be used to treat a host of ailments. It is becoming increasingly popular due in part to its recent legalisation and also its many health benefits to humans and animals alike. This medication is a natural alternative to a lot of synthesised drugs.

Cannabidiol is a product of the hemp plant and it is one of the many compounds found in it. Other compounds that can also be found in the plant include omega fatty acids, essential oils, flavonoids, terpenes, and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). You can read more about this amazing plant here. Cannabidiol can be made into many products. Some of these include:

  • Oils
  • Chews such as gummies
  • Vapes, cigarettes, and hemp rolls
  • Pills and capsules
  • Sprays
  • Lotions and creams
  • Tea

CBD Consumption Methods

There are many ways cannabidiol can be consumed or taken into the body. This is dependent on the kind of product used. They include:


This involves dropping CBD oil under the tongue with the aid of tinctures. It can also be sprayed directly into the mouth. This is one of the most common and most widely used methods of consumption due to the ease of use. Using this method also makes it easy to measure and control.


It can be used topically through its application directly on the skin using the oil or cosmetics such as balms, lotions, creams, etc. that include CBD. This may be the safest method to use CBD but for it to be effective, you may have to use a lot of the product. You may however not be able to easily determine what the right quantity is.


Edibles such as chews, gummies, pills, capsules, teas, etc. are another way to consume it. With this method, it takes longer to get absorbed into the body and they may not be able to hold enough quantity of the drug. It is however the tastiest of all the methods, especially the chews and gummies.


Cannabidiol can also be inhaled as vapor. This is the fastest method of absorption into the body but it is difficult to control the dosage.

Your total cannabidiol consumption is dependent on your preferred mode of use but to be able to control that, it is best to use tinctures or edibles such as pills and capsules which come in specific measurements. With this, you can easily determine and measure the quantity of cannabidiol you are consuming per time. You can see more about the different ways of taking CBD here https://www.natureworldnews.com/articles/41096/20190515/how-to-effectively-take-cbd-oil.htm.

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CBD Dosage

Cannabidiol is still a subject of research and currently, there are no specific dosages for its use. One challenge most people have is what quantity of cannabidiol they should take per time and for what ailment. In response to this though, there are available guidelines in form of charts on how much should you take to help people who intend to take it.

A CBD chart is a table that breaks down the amount of cannabidiol to be used based on the weight of an individual, the ailment to be treated and also the kind of product that is being administered.

It is important to understand that CBD usage is based on these parameters above and that the ailment that is being treated can result in a person taking a regular or a strong dose. This is what the chart is all about.

Regular doses might be used simply for maintaining health, boosting the immune system and general well-being. They can also be used to treat health challenges such as allergies especially those due to aging, insomnia, stress, aches, pain, nausea, etc.

For more serious ailments such as chronic pain and inflammation, severe anxiety, severe arthritis, cancer, epilepsy, and seizure, etc., a strong dose of cannabidiol may be needed.

The general recommendation for a regular dose is 0.25mg while for strong doses, it is 0.5mg for every pound of bodyweight.

When talking about doses, another thing to consider is the frequency. For most user, administering it once or twice per day may suffice. However, for more severe ailments, it might require up to 3 to 4 doses given every 6 – 8 hours. You can click this site to learn more.


CBD dosing can be a challenge for many people but the good news is that there are manufacturers and people who have experience over time in how people use and respond to cannabidiol consumption. They have made available different charts and guidelines to help users determine what quantity to use per time.

Remember also, that there are many ways to use CBD and some are more easily quantifiable than others. If you are particular about the amount you are consuming so as not to overdose on the drug, it is advisable to use one of the more controlled and quantifiable methods.

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