Challenging Yourself To Grow Further

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As the countdown to Christmas begins, most families are wondering what future health challenges lie ahead. The truth is that we don’t know yet. However, rather than letting the pandemic take control over your life, you can use the remaining time of the year for self-growth. Indeed, challenges, when you pick them, can be beneficial. More importantly, you could repurpose the lessons and skills you learn to make Christmas fun and stress-free. Here’s how:

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Test your fitness levels

A lot of households have been struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially as stress levels and lockdown restrictions have been increasing. Sure, you promised yourself you’d be running every day at the start of the first lockdown. But a few months down the line, you find it hard to get motivated. Seasonal affective disorder – the SAD syndrome that is linked to direct sunlight – and a form of covid boredom are affecting your fitness levels. So, why not shake all the negativity off with a fitness challenge? Not everyone can meet the expectations for the basic Navy Seal performance, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try! Bursitis, you can also look for other challenges, such as the couch to 5k programme, for instance. As silly as it sounds, getting active can give you a feel-good sensation. In short, your fitness challenge puts you in a better mood ahead of Christmas. 

Spend time outside every day

The days are getting shorter, so it can be tricky to spend enough time outdoors. When the weather is cold and grey, the last thing you want to do is go in the garden. And yet, it should be your priority right now. Making time to go outside will do wonders for your mood and immune system. As a rule of thumb, you need to spend 20 to 30 minutes outside every day. You can plan trips outside to pick up acorns and leaves with the kids. If you’re working from home, why not plan a quick stroll in your neighbourhood around lunchtime? It’s the perfect break in your day. Ultimately, direct sunlight is good for your mood. But it is also essential to keeping your immune system healthy, so you feel more confident about Christmas planning. 

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The foreign language you swore to learn in lockdown

Do you remember when you thought you’d be spending your time in lockdown boosting your skills? Learning a foreign language was one of the most popular choices. But not a lot of people have managed to achieve their goals. It is probably too late to brush up your skills in Italian or German ahead of Christmas. Unfortunately, as it’s been an odd year, failure to learn a foreign language during lockdown can make you feel like you haven’t been able to achieve anything. Put a spin on your goals for Christmas. Why not cook a traditional Italian Christmas meal, for instance? You can seize the opportunity to learn some new vocabulary and yummy recipes at the same time. In short, it’s an easy way of making something productive out of this odd year and bringing your mental health to the next level. 

This year is a year of challenges. But it’s no reason to let it get to you. You can use carefully selected challenges to push yourself further and achieve something positive. Whether you focus on mood-boosting activities, health enhancements, or learning new positive skills, there are still plenty of opportunities for self-growth this year. So don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. 

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