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Chasing Those Blog Views?

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This is a collaborative post.

Chasing blog views is something you’ve most likely been doing since the start of your blog. It’s rare to find a blogger who isn’t interested in the slightest about the views their blog is getting, and how they’re pushing a blog forward. Because if you want anything more than just your own little space on the internet to tell anyone who will listen about your life, then you’re going to have to get serious about your blog views, where they’re coming from, and how you can get more of them. Even though there are new blogs being created every single day, and it seems like such a crowded place to be in at the minute, there are still chances for you to get your foot in the door, and the be one of the bloggers that the whole world recognises. You’ve got bloggers who only blog for a living, simply because their blog is so big and producing so much revenue, and that will all be down to the views their blog has. So, keep on reading, and see how you can end that chase for views on your blog!

blogging girl

Tailor Your Blog To What The People Want!

One of the easiest ways that you’re going to be able to get people to keep coming back to your blog, is to give the people what they want. You could ask on social media, or use your blog stats to gauge an idea of this. Your posts also need to be easy to write, creative, and copyrighted for protection. There are so many different ways you can do this, especially if you’re using something like a Mac. If you check out this link,, you’ll find out what we’re talking about. But to make sure your blog posts are tailored to what the people want, they’re going to have to be funny, engaging, and full of pictures that keep people interested. The better the quality of writing and imaging, the better the outcome for your blog!

Sort Yourself A Blogging Schedule

A blogging schedule is essential if you want to keep yourself up to date with what people want, what your blog needs, and keeping your posts consistent. So think about what you want to post on what day, what pictures you’re going to need to get and whether the quality is going to be good, and anything else you need to think of that will keep you to a blogging schedule! There are apps that will do it for you, but there’s no reason why you can’t just jot it down in a cute notepad!

Utilise Social Media

Social media is going to be your best friend, and if you aren’t making an effort to utilise it, then it’s no wonder that your blog views aren’t growing. The two main ones that bloggers are focusing on at the minute, are Instagram and Twitter. It’s so easy to get the views that you need through tweeting your post, and tagging in blogging groups that will retweet it for you. But you don’t want random views on every post, you need to try and interact with different bloggers to make friends, and to build a following that’s loyal to your blog!

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