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With the summer holidays coming, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to do with your children; think, cheap days out. It’s a great time for family bonding activities and making memories that will endure for years to come. With the cost of living crisis always looming in the headlines, however, you might want to focus your plans this summer on finding more economic options than theme parks and tourist attractions – especially if you can save the skyrocketing cost of train tickets or petrol. We’re here to help you find a cheap family day out that your children will remember forever!

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Going for a Walk

This sounds simple but a well planned walk – or hike even! – can be a day out that’s the highlight of the summer holidays. The key is to choose somewhere to walk to. Whether it’s a historical site, a beautiful park or a play area for your kids to explore, don’t just make it a walk. Engage your children’s imaginations by making it an expedition.

Fortunately, thanks to the National Trust, English Heritage and similar bodies, there are plenty of historical monuments that are free to access and on public land in the UK – from stone circles to ruined castles. While National Trust properties aren’t free to enter, much of their parkland is, so you can explore beautiful wild spaces and gardens for free.

Talk up where you’re going to get your kids excited. You could even encourage them to research what you’re going to find there. If it’s a historical site, what would people have been doing when it was in use? If it’s a park or garden, what wildlife could they expect to find? You could even make them a scavenger hunt of things to find while they’re out walking and exploring.


The majority of museums and galleries in the UK are free to enter, making them ideal cheap days out and they can make a great day out with children. Whether they’re into dinosaurs, Romans, Ancient Egypt or the natural world, there are museums to cater to and expand that interest, and all for nothing!

Look beyond the biggest local and national museums if you want to spare yourself the crowds. The Natural History Museum in Kensington is a must for any child who’s obsessed with dinosaurs, but it’s also going to be full of other families and tourists all summer. Look for smaller, quirkier museums to have a unique day out not choked by crowds.

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