Checklist For The Hospital Bag – What To Pack For Labour

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With Bobcat it was all quite hectic as he arrived a little bit earlier and also had to enjoy the hospitality of the maternity wing a few days longer as we thought. (So my birth plan and my wish to have a birth pool went straight to the bin.) Sure, things hardly ever go according to the plan. However, this time I will be better prepared! For a start I’ll get my bag ready a few weeks earlier, and this time I will also pack for 4-5 days.

Even though the hospital provides a lot of things in the standard care, I think it’s better not to rely on them, just take them with you. Also, the standard care is different in every hospital, so it’s worth to give them a call, to find out what do they provide. (For example, in most of the UK hospitals you get Bounty bags with Pampers/Johnson’s products, and that’s nice, but we won’t use them.)



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So here’s my checklist, trying not to go over the top šŸ™‚

  1. Your birth plan andĀ medical notes
  2. Drinks and snacks for during and after labour (I’ll take a small carton of juice, chocolate, water, salty snacks and dried fruit)
  3. Comfy and loose clothes for labourĀ (Whatever you feel comfortable with. You will hardly care at that stage. Also good idea to take a plastic bag for the dirty clothes)
  4. After labour clothes.Ā You might want to take nice, favourite but still comfy things. (I bought some nice new things,Ā as I know they will make me feel better.) Your body won’t immediately bounce back to your pre-pregnancy figure, so you might still need to wear can you buy tramadol in mexico maternity clothing. Also, be prepared if you needed to stay in hospital for a few days (and don’t trust your husband finding specific clothing items for you at home, let alone give him a green light to bring whatever he finds šŸ™‚ Trust me on this.)
  5. Pyjama in case they will keep you in. (I would avoid taking a nighty, but it’s just me.)
  6. Dressing gown
  7. Slippers
  8. Toiletries, your make up bag, hair bands and hair brush, pocket tissues (you want to look like a human being for that firstĀ second pic with your baby.)
  9. Towels (you probably will feel more comfortable with using your own)
  10. Nursing bra (only buy it after the 37/38 weeks)
  11. Underwear (I can’t stand the disposable paper ones, they are useless)
  12. Maternity pads (some thick and some slim),Ā breast pads (disposable or reusable) and cooling pads. (I will also take nipple cream just in case.)
  13. Phone charger, camera

For the baby:

  1. Nappies, cottonwool
  2. Cotton baby hats, booties and scratch mittens
  3. 2-3 outfits including sleeping suit, baby gro, vest depending on the weather (think in layers)
  4. Muslins
  5. If your baby’s not happy with swaddling (hospitals swaddle, but not every baby likes that) better to take baby sleeping bags (low/medium tog rating, it’s always too warm in the hospital)
  6. Car seat should be readily fit in the car

Extras, aka whatever makes you feel more relaxed:

  1. Books, magazines, Ipad
  2. Music
  3. Whatever you plan to use to ease labour pain or make you feel more relaxed during labour: TENS machine, birth ball, bikini top for the birth pool, aromatherapy oils, hot waterĀ bottle
  4. Plastic water jug, pouring water on yourself when going to the toilet makes it feel a bit less sore
  5. Something for the midwife, like a nice box of chocolate
  6. Something to celebrate šŸ˜‰


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