Chic Sustainable and Recycled Furniture From J. N. Rusticus

JN RUSTICUS bar table

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I’m a firm believer of circular economy, as you might already know this. This system aimed at minimising waste and making the most of resources. This regenerative approach of producing long-lasting design, as well as maintenance, repair, reuse, refurbish, and recycle instead of the a “take, make, dispose” model of production. 

I am a big fan of vintage furniture and I always look for refurbished and upcycled pieces as well.  And when it comes to buy something new, I always make sure that it is manufactured sustainable and ethically. Recycling the old furniture saves the need for raw materials for making new furniture products. Recycling the old furniture reduces the consumption of resources required to make new ones. So, recycling then saves trees and also contributes towards dealing with global warming.

JN RUSTICUS sideboards

JN RUSTICUS sideboard

Introducing J. N. Rusticus

I recently came across J. N. Rusticus furniture, an environmentally friendly, indie furniture maker. Their production involves creating a sustainable process by using recycled, reclaimed and sustainable new materials to make chic and stylish furniture. By embracing the unique characteristics of all the materials they use, they achieve a rustic yet chic look. Their industrial style furniture is both very much on trend and planet friendly. Owner Joe Nicholson started the ethically sourced furniture company in October 2016 after being inspired by a trip to India.

Materials they use


The leather they use is sourced from India, and it is the a by-product of the food industry, thus reducing wastage. The material is prepared with traditional and natural methods.

Reclaimed boat wood

Because boat wood is thick, strong and a heavy material, the quality wood reclaimed from fishing boats make excellent rustic style furniture. All those years riding the seas, being exposed to thousands of hours of sunshine, rain and wind shaping the colour and texture of the wood adds personality to the re-purposed furniture. 

JN RUSTICUS bar table


Recycled metal

Using recycled iron and steel helps to achieve the brand’s signature distressed and rustic look. It also reduces the amount of process and new material that is needed to make furniture.

Mango wood

Native and sourced from India and East-Asia, mango wood is a hard and sustainable wood as it is primarily planted for its fruit. As the tree reaches maturity after around 15 years of age, the farmers need to plant new trees every 7 to 15 years. So the old wood gets used for making furniture this way.

J. N. Rusticus make rustic cabinets, chest of drawers and consoles, rustic tables and seating as well as bespoke furniture for brands like Sipsmith Gin and other storage options.  In their outdoor collection they have fire pits.

In my view, all these wonderful pieces are very affordable. 


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Mel Knibb August 9, 2019 - 1:01 pm

Oh my, I love everything about J. N. Rusticus, from the materials used to the general look of their beautiful furniture, but first and foremost, it is their ethical way of sourcing the materials for their pieces that really appeals to me. I will definitely keep them in mind next time I invest in a piece of furniture.

Laura's Lovely Blog August 9, 2019 - 3:11 pm

They sound great. I love that copper occasion table it’s so beautiful. Such a fab way to recycle items too which we all need to be doing more.


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