Choose Fabric Carrier Bags for These 5 Reasons

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There are many small details that every business needs to have in order to function properly. Carrier bags are a minute detail that can make a big difference. For retail stores, there is a need for providing the customers with the option of buying carrier bags. To meet your business’ carrier bags needs you can go to carrier bag wholesalers.

When you choose to buy carrier bags for your business you need to decide what kind of carrier bags you want. Plastic bags are cheaper to buy in bulk. Fabric bags, however, have become more popular.  Here are some reasons why you should choose fabric carrier bags to hand out in your stores.

fabric carrier bags pin

Unlimited Designs

Fabric bags offer a variety of designs. From a wide range of fabrics to a wide range of colours, you can have your pick. Your logo can be beautifully customised and showcased on these trendy bags. Buying personalised carrier bags for your business allows you to get some free publicity. Since fabric bags are versatile, they can be carried around by your customer even after they empty the bag of whatever they bought from you. The better the design of your bag, the more likely it is to be seen around town.

Long Lasting

Plastic bags may take forever to decompose but they are astonishingly fragile. A fabric bag is hardy and long-lasting. When your bag lasts longer your customer uses it longer. When your customer uses it longer, your business name gets around town even more. A long-lasting reminder of your business is never a bad way of subtly promoting your business.

fabric carrier bags pin

No Loss

Dishing out more money for fabric making you unsure? You can get back the money you spend on the fabric carrier bags. You can charge your customers for the bags. When you buy the bags in bulk the price is sure to be highly affordable. Even if you price the bags at a minimal cost you can cover the cost of switching from plastic to fabric bags. The fact that fabric bags are reusable you can count on your regular customers to return with your bags. You do not have to buy as many fabric bags as you would need to buy plastic bags.


Switching from a plastic to fabric bag is good for the environment. Even one business cutting down on plastic bags makes a massive difference. A small change in carrier bags can help reduce the carbon footprint of your business.

Good Image

What carrier bag had your business’ name and logo can make a big difference. Today, people are very conscious of the consequences of their choices. Governments are around the world are  phasing out plastic bags. Under such conditions, handing out plastic bags is a distasteful business move. The moment you hand out reusable bags you create a good image for your business. Along with helping the environment, you will be helping your business by buying personalised carrier bags made of fabric instead of plastic.


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