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Choosing the Best Plumbing Pipes for Your Home

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When it comes to choosing the right plumbing pipes for your home, don’t settle for anything less. There exists a ton of options out there, and making the wrong decision might cost you more in the long run. Consider a few factors such as the material, the maintenance rate, or the number of times you will need to clean the pipes. By doing more research on the matter, you can ensure that you won’t waste a lot of money when it comes to your plumbing. With that being said, it is also important to ensure that any issues with your drains are dealt with promptly by a local plumbing expert in your area – for example, if you live in Camas in Washington State, an online search for a drain cleaning service in Camas can help you to get in touch with a team of experienced plumbing specialists.

Here are some common types of plumbing pipes and why you should or should not use them.

tap running plumbing

Stainless Steel

There is a good reason why stainless steel is one of the most costly materials out there. It’s strong, and if the name isn’t enough to describe it, resistant against corrosion. Because of this, households located near the sea will benefit from using this material. Be wary, though: it can be difficult to distinguish stainless steel pipes from galvanised pipes, so make sure you double-check with the supplier before making a purchase. As previously mentioned, the main downside to using this material that it is more expensive compared to other plumbing pipes.

Copper Pipes

A less pricey alternative to stainless steel, copper pipes have been a plumber’s favourite material since the 60’s due to its efficiency. It is not prone to unwanted leaks, for starters, and it is guaranteed to stay durable for a long period of time. If you are terrified of the possibility of your pipes contaminating the water, this is definitely the option for you. When it comes to having an impressive lifespan and an equally impressive tolerance against cold and warm temperature, copper pipes emerge as the winner.

PEX Plastic

If you’re looking to install pipes only inside your house, you might want to consider PEX, short for cross-linked polyethylene. The material isn’t recommended for external use due to the possibility of weakening the plastic coating under the sun. Despite this minor drawback, however, PEX pipes have proven to be flexible enough to fit in the tightest corners of your home. Ask an expert about the best material to use, and they will most likely mention cross-linked polyethylene due to its versatility and cost-efficient quality.

Galvanised Steel

Perhaps the antithesis of the stainless variety, galvanised steel is included in this list as a warning to household owners. Once the standard for home construction, the material has become less popular due to its short lifespan and less than impressive durability. Homes with galvanised piping are risking lead contamination and polluted water supplies. If you live in an old house, probably one that had been constructed way before the ‘80s, it is crucial to hire an expert to check your pipes just in case.

In conclusion, you as a homeowner needs to choose responsibly for what your house needs the most. While the price could be an issue, purchasing high-quality material is an investment that will become beneficial in the long run. If you still need help, there is nothing wrong with hiring an experienced plumbing company. They will help you decide which material is best for your home. Good luck with your plumbing!

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