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Choosing The Right Pressure Washer For Your Home And Garden

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Picking the right pressure washer for your home and garden isn’t easy because by default there are over a thousand models available, some with a tiny price tag all the way through to the thousands. Not to mention some are electric and petrol, so in this article we will look at some of the best solutions for the average home and garden that won’t break the bank.

Electric power washers around £100 that can handle most standard household chores and washing the car as well are in no shortage so it probably makes sense to start with one all rounder first in the middle price range as they are the most practical for your typical household with kids and a pet.

garden backyard parasol


This pressure washer really is a great all rounder. It’s normally on sale for £99.99 from Screwfix or the likes but you can also just follow the link for a far more in depth examination of this great tool but to give you some basics advantages and disadvantages of this lovely piece of kit:

Being a 1.4 kW motor there is plenty of oomph for most home task such as cleaning garage doors, driveways, patios, and the car or truck. It’s by no means the most powerful in the Karcher range but it pack enough of a punch that you can even get tough jobs like a moss removal from a brick wall or decking sorted in no time at all. You’ll need to set the machine to its highest pressure but it will definitely get the job done.

What if you need extra power from your pressure washer?

There are two options if a standard pressure washer isn’t getting it done for you, opt for a big more powerful petrol version or perhaps incorporate some cleaning products instead? Many homes really don’t need to spend massively on a powerful pressure washer as they just don’t use it enough. My preference to get of the hard to remove stains off is to use a cleaning fluid. Take the alloys on a car for example of the algae that grows on your decking in the back garden. If you just pop round a cleaner or this nature for a few minutes before blasting it’ll help to get rid of some of the more stubborn stains.

A little trick I picked up to clean your decking was to add a little household cleaning detergent to a broom prior to actually blasting it off with a pressure washer. Remember though, detergents will do damage to plants do ensure that the cleaning solutions are diluted enough that this is no longer an issue for you.

What other things will my pressure washer clean?

One great use for the pressure washer is cleaning off the kids toys in the back garden. Play houses and plastic toys become dirty and discoloured over time from normal use and just being out in the open. It’s amazing what a difference a quick blast from your pressure washer can achieve. Simply make sure there are no damageable parts from high pressure before you get going and there isn’t a lot that can go wrong!

I would highly recommend looking into what a pressure washer can do to save you time around the home. It could literally knock hours off your normal workload.

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