Christmas Prep You Might Always Forget

Christmas decoration

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You might already be well into Christmas preparation. Some people have already decorated their homes, and if you have children, you might have already started shopping, to make things a little easier down the line. If you haven’t started gift shopping yet, you are probably eagerly awaiting Black Friday deals and other offers, looking to save money. But, while you might have lists of what you need to buy and ideas of what else you need to get done, there are probably some things that even with the best of intentions, you always forget. 

Often, these are little things that don’t seem important enough to write down now. Or, things that aren’t really festive, and so you don’t think about when it comes to Christmas planning. But, they are also the things that can make a difference to the success of your Christmas. With that in mind, here’s a look at some of the things that most of us forget.

Christmas decoration

Stocking Up on Medication and Other Essentials

Your doctor’s surgery might only be closed for a few days. But, when they reopen, they are likely to be busy, and no one wants to be forced to visit a packed walk-in centre or hospital over the holidays. 

Some doctors trips can’t be avoided, and you should undoubtedly get medical help over the holidays if you need it. But, when it comes to repeat prescriptions, medications and even contact lenses, it’s worth checking now, to make sure you’ve got enough to last the holiday period. If not, arrange to pick up more as soon as you can.

The Batteries

How many times have you spent Christmas Day routing through drawers in search of batteries to fit new toys and gadgets? Kids crying because they can’t play with something. Finally resorting to removing the batteries from your TV remote to get through the day. 

Stock up on batteries now after inventorying what you’ve already got. Rechargeable can be great value for money, and a few spares never hurt. It’s also a good idea to check boxes of anything you buy, in case they need non-standard batteries that you might need to order separately. 

Household Chores

Most of us tackle specific Christmas cleaning. You might have big jobs that you only do once or twice a year that need doing before you get the decorations out. If you are hosting, you might be keen to clean the oven, prepare your dining room and get guest rooms ready. But, what about your usual day to day chores? No one wants to be doing washing on Christmas Day, so make sure you are prepared.  

You Can Never Have Too Much Tape

Where does tape go? One minute it’s with the scissors and paper, next it’s vanished into thin air. Get some extras to make sure you are ready to wrap gifts as you buy them. 


If you are cooking Christmas dinner this year, think about what you need. Do you have enough plates, cutlery and glasses? Do you have a roasting tin and pots and pans? Check now to make sure you’ve got everything that you need. 

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