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#ChristmasSolved With Joseph Joseph – Find The Gift For The Foodie In Your Life

by eva.katona@yahoo.com

Find The Gift For The Foodie In Your Life

I’ve always been a big Joseph Joseph fan, I really like their stylish and clever kitchen gadgets. If you haven’t heard about them yet: Joseph Joseph specialises in creating multi -award winning, design-led products for the kitchen and home with a strong emphasis on form, functionality and quality.

Buying stylish kitchen and home ware for your loved ones as a Christmas present is always a good idea, and with Joseph Joseph it’s now super easy as they have special deals in their online Christmas shop. There’s still plenty of time left to order and get all you wanted for Christmas.

One of my favourite items from their new range is this folding digital scale called TriFold. It’s a super practical scale which also looks sleek and presentable. It’s got such a bold design that it really makes a fabulous gift for any foodies, cooking enthusiasts or the bakers in your life. Just look at the packaging and the presentation box:

joseph joseph scale

joseph joseph scale

I don’t have a large kitchen and though I love to cook and bake – I really need to save every minute if can, especially nowadays. I have a big bulky scale, normally sitting high on the top of my kitchen cupboard and I really only use if I must.

With this clever little scale I save time on a lot of ways. As it’s so small when folded, that I can store it in one of the cutlery drawers, it’s just so compact. Dimensions when closed: 4.5 × 14.9 × 2.1 cm. No need for assembling either. My favourite feature is the Add And Weigh function. With this I’m able to measure multiple ingredients in the same bowl! The scale weighs in the following units: gms, lbs, ozs, fl.ozs and mls.

joseph joseph scaleUsing it is a bliss compared to my previous scales. The reading is accurate and it’s got a solid feel which indicates durability. I can just get started with any bowl im working with and just keep adding the ingredients to the same bowl. This is every baker’s dream.

Also, it comes with a battery (unlike all the annoying battery powered toys we keep receiving from relatives!) so you can start using it straight.

Good Bye old scale!

Disclaimer: I have received this TriFold scale from Joseph Joseph in exchange for my honest review.

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