Citrus Infused Multipurpose Vinegar Cleaner Recipe

homemade citrus vinegar cleaner

I’ve been cleaning with natural cleaning products for a quite a few years now. It’s because harsh chemicals found in the domestic cleaning products are really quite bad for us. They can case all sorts of problems ranging from allergy to cancer, so if there is an eco-friendly product, that is equally effective, I can’t see any reason not swap for that. Right? Now I make my own cleaner with this citrus infused multipurpose vinegar cleaner recipe. 

At first, I swapped my regular cleaning products for other ones, that are available in the supermarkets and are made by eco-friendly brands like Method and Ecover – but then I’ve learned that although the products are great, these brands are often owned by a big label like Johnson & Johnson, so ultimately they are not that great at all, because the mother company IS actually engaged in a lot of unethical and environmentally damaging practices, like using palm oil or supporting animal testing and those are really just the top of the iceberg.

Then, I decided to swap for the brands that really ARE eco-friendly in- and outside. I still use some of them, like Ocean Saver Drops. 

Why make your own cleaning products?

Now I own a zero waste shop so it’s never been easier to get the ingredients for making my own cleaning products and once you have all ingredients, it’s not really an effort as I previously thought: “I don’t have time for this” – well, it’s pretty simple and does not take ages. In exchange you get really cheap and effective cleaning products that are non toxic and environmentally friendly.homemade citrus vinegar cleaner

Citrus Infused Multipurpose Vinegar Cleaner Recipe

Making it is super easy:

  • use at least 1:1 ratio of cleaning vinegar (stronger than regular, that’s made specifically for household cleaning and should never be consumed) and boiled or distilled water.
  • fill bottle half way with vinegar, add any citrus peels, leave it infuse for a few days, strain and add water
  • I just leave the peels in the bottle and just remove them with a tong when the bottle is finished
  • but you can also strain it and get rid of the peels when making up your bottle

What is cleaning vinegar?

Cleaning vinegar and distilled white vinegar are made in the same way—by fermenting alcohols distilled from corn or grains. Microorganisms (bacteria) process the alcohol into acetic acid and water, or vinegar.

homemade citrus vinegar cleaner

What areas can the citrus infused multipurpose vinegar cleaner be used?

This pretty much cleans everything… 

This natural cleaner easily cuts through mildew, bacteria, and grime and is safe to use on various household surfaces. Spray onto the surface and wipe immediately for simple jobs and wood surfaces, but for more stubborn areas, spray and allow to sit for 10 minutes or up to an hour. On porcelain, ceramic and glass surfaces, sprinkle a little bicarb soda on just before scrubbing for an abrasive boost.

I use it for quite a few jobs around my home:

  • Cleaning the kitchen surfaces,
  • Cleaning the hob,
  • Cleaning the microwave inside and outside,
  • Cleaning the bathroom all round: shower screen, bath, tiles etc,
  • Cleaning glass surfaces and mirrors,
  • Cleaning the toilet and, 
  • Cleaning floor tiles.
Avoid using vinegar on marble and limestone surfaces, hardwood flooring and electronic screens.

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