Clever Ways to Brighten Up a Dark Room

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Some rooms are bright and airy. They feel bigger than they are, the air feels fresh, they are light, and they look appealing. These rooms are lovely on a summer’s day, and make a great setting to entertain in. Somehow, they always feel cleaner than a darker space. Unfortunately, the nature of the sun’s movement means that not all rooms can feel this way. In fact, if your house and windows are facing the wrong directions, you might have rooms that get very little natural sunlight, and that always feel dark and musty.

These dark rooms can feel small, messy, and the air heavy. They can be uninspiring and even daunting. You might even find that you avoid spending time in them. The good news is, while you might not be able to change the direction of the sun, there’s still a lot that you can do to brighten up these dark rooms.

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Add Depth with Similar Tones

We often use texture to add depth to large rooms. This can be comforting and visually pleasing. But heavy textures in a dark room can be a mistake.

Another common way to add depth is with bold colours and clashing shades, which can be overwhelming in a darker room. Instead, choose a main colour and add depth with slightly varying shades and tones.

Embrace Colour

That said, you shouldn’t be afraid of colour. Add pops of colour in bright shades to your accessories and soft furnishings. Have fun but try to keep things light.

Stick to Light Furniture

Dark furniture can be trendy. But it can be too much in a dark area. Instead, stick to white furniture and light oak to brighten up the space. White Tree Furniture have a huge range of options that could brighten up any space in your home. If you need some ideas, you should check their e-book “the ultimate guide to white furniture” for inspiration.

Maximise and Highlight Natural Light

Most rooms have a source of natural light, even if it’s small, or doesn’t get any direct sun. Maximise and highlight this. Keep the surrounding space, both inside and outside, clean, and tidy. Keep the windowsill clear and the window clean.

Install Mirrors and Shiny Surfaces

Mirrors and other reflective surfaces such as silver frames and chrome fittings can give the appearance of more space. Place a large mirror opposite the window for the best effects.

Stick to Light Fabrics

Heavy fabrics like velvet and wool can make a room feel cosy. Lighter fabrics like silk, satin, and cotton, in light or neutral colours, can open a room up and give the impression of more light and space.

Be Smart with Storage

In a dark, or small room, it’s easy for things to get messy and cluttered, and for a bit of clutter to make a huge difference. Install minimalist but clever storage that makes it easier to keep your room tidy.

A dark room might never get the most light. But, by making smart choices and doing your best to brighten things up you can at least give your room new life and make the most of it.

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