Common Boat Part Replacements to Be Aware of

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Being a boat owner enables you to explore the seas and enjoy endless adventures. However, owning a boat also comes along with a lot of responsibility. It’s down to you to keep your boat in full working order to ensure it is safe to use and functions properly.

There are many components to a boat, some of which are more prone to wear and tear than others. Being aware of the most common replacements that boat owners need to make prepares you for what’s to come when you first purchase your sea vessel.

Below, I have covered the most common boat part replacements that you need to be aware of.

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Bilge Pumps

The bilge pump inside a boat is responsible for pumping water out of the bilge (lower compartment) to keep the boat dry and prevent mishaps at sea. Due to being in constant use when the boat is moving across a bed of water, the bilge pump is prone to wear and tear over time.

The bilge pump is an essential safety feature that you must inspect and maintain appropriately before every day trip or excursion on your boat. If your bilge pump becomes worn out or breaks, you must get a bilge pump replacement before taking your boat out on the waters to ensure your and your passenger’s safety.


Boat batteries can quickly wear away, corrode, or discharge during long periods of inactivity. If you only take your boat out every so often, you might end up replacing the battery more often than you initially expected.

Corrosion on battery terminals can reduce functionality and capacity. In turn, the battery might be less effective or stop working altogether, and you don’t want this happening whilst you’re in the middle of a large river or ocean! Regularly testing your boat’s battery and replacing it when necessary will avoid unexpected breakdowns at sea.


Propellers are needed to pull your boat forward in a sea of water. Although they are manufactured with durability in mind, they are prone to wear and tear due to their extensive usage when you’re out at sea on your boat.

Dust, debris, and areas of corrosion can build up on boat propellers, causing damage and reducing their performance and efficiency. You must always check your boat’s propellors for signs of damage before setting off on your boat and replace them immediately if they are damaged or broken.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs play a vital role in the ignition system of boats by contributing to fuel combustion inside the engine. It’s important to replace worn-out spark plugs as leaving them inside your boat could reduce fuel efficiency and cause you to spend more money per trip. Bad boat spark plugs can also cause your boat’s engine to cut out or lose power unexpectedly.

Be careful when inspecting your boat’s spark plugs and ensure you fit replacements correctly. If you’re unsure how to safely replace a boat spark plug, read the manufacturer’s guidelines or elicit the help of a professional.

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