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Men’s grooming sets are an ancient idea that may have first begun in around 185 BC with Scipio Africanus Minor, said to be the first man to start the routine of shaving every morning. Since then, these sets or kits, containing everything from tweezers to shampoo to shaving products and more, have been used regularly. 

gift presentDuring World War I the soldiers were taught the importance of men’s grooming. Despite the terrible situations and locations, they found themselves in, they were expected to ‘keep a stiff upper lip’ and remain as neat and tidy as possible. In fact, until 1916, it was a requirement that all British soldiers wore a moustache (although no beard) and it had to be looked after. In order to help them in this mission, they were given a grooming set when they were sent abroad. This was to ensure they could still shave and make their hair clean and presentable, even if they were in a muddy hole in the ground. Unfortunately, as the war went on for so much longer than had been anticipated, there were not enough male grooming sets to go around, and the ones who had received theirs at the beginning found that their razors became dull and useless. Unlike 1920s Men’s Fashion! No one was keen to try a cutthroat razor since any loud bang would potentially cause a nasty injury. Soldiers took to writing home to ask for shaving products so that they could remain as smart as their commanding officers wanted them to be – and these gifts from home became all-important. Today, grooming is more important than ever before, from dental implants, which is a minor surgery for new teeth, to using hair styling products, men care about their appearance more than ever before! 

What Essential Grooming Products Does Every Man Need?

Men’s best grooming products, what they are as well as what they do, differ from man to man. What might be a favourite for one could be a definite no-go for another? However, there are some essential pieces of grooming kit that every man should have in his bathroom.  

Men’s grooming has come a long way since the days of a razor and a bar of soap. Now it’s possible for men to take care of their skin and hair like never before. One essential product that every man should own is a cleanser. No one is too old to have spots, and a cleanser is a great way of making sure your skin is as clean as possible, hopefully preventing those zits. Lip balm with an SPF of at least 25 is another essential product. Lips often get forgotten during the male grooming routine, and a lip balm will help them stay protected. 

A moisturized face means a smoother surface for your razor to work on, resulting in fewer cuts. Of course, your choice of shaving razor is also a significant factor in your shaving routine. Because it is less likely to cause common skin infections like burns or ingrown hairs than shaving with a cartridge or electric razor, using a straight razor is an underrated option for most men. That’s because electric razors are hard to clean and may even be clogged with dirt and hair.

Next up is men’s moisturiser. Once your face is clean, make sure it stays hydrated and fresh by using a cream or lotion. It’s likely that a clean-shaven man will already have shaving cream in his bathroom, but is it a quality one? Buying cheap supermarket brand shaving cream can dry out your skin and cause irritation. Spend as much as your budget allows on a quality cream. Finally, it’s important to have a good eye gel. Your eyes are what most people notice first, so you want them to look healthy, and without any puffy bags or dark circles.  

What about popular hair products for men?

Mr Natty hair products are well-loved by men across the globe. They are affordable yet they have enough choice to make every hair style possible and every hair type look incredible. Their wide range is awesome, but what are the differences between clay, wax and paste when it comes to your hair? 

The number of different mens hair products is growing all the time. Mr Natty makes hair clay, hair wax, and hair paste, and the differences between them might surprise you. Men’s hair clay is quite a new phenomenon. They really do contain clay – but it’s not the stuff used to make pots. This clay is most often bentonite which comes from volcanic ash. Hair clays expand when they hit your hair, so they are great at adding volume and texture. They’ll also give your hair body without weighing it down. As a bonus benefit, clay tends to draw dirt out of the hair, while leaving its natural oils in place. Hair wax is another great addition to your male grooming product stock. Wax is similar to pomade, but is lighter so the hold isn’t quite as strict. It does, however, offer a shiny, sleek appearance that can look cool and sophisticated, whether you style with a parting, pompadour or even ducktails. Finally, hair paste is what gives your hair the firmest hold, but it is matte, so your style will look more natural than when you use either wax or clay. Remember that paste needs to be warmed in the hand before use, and when it cools in your hair, it holds there. Also, don’t hesitate to visit this site if you need customizable and professional hair piece for men.

Final suggestion: Men’s perfume

Jack Black perfume is taking the fragrance industry by storm, and shops are keen to stock it whenever they can. This range of scents is both masculine and attractive, the perfect combination for the man who wants to feel good, smell good, and be good. Wear this cologne and you’ll be dressed to impress no matter what you wear. 

Men’s perfume comes in all shapes, sizes and, perhaps most importantly, scents. Each one is slightly different, each one catering to a different aesthetic. For example, some perfumes use male pheromones or scents similar to pheromones to increase attractiveness from the opposite sex. The exciting thing about Jack Black’s range of exquisite fragrances is that within one range there is something that will suit everyone. Jack Black Signature is a distinct and woody perfume, the top notes being that of cypress, bay leaf, tangerine, and geranium. It is fresh and deep. It is a truly delicious scent. 

Jack Black Signature Black Mark is more like those vintage colognes that used to be worn, but this retro spin has a modern twist, and incorporates red cedar and saffron into its fragrance. It’s a heady mix. Then there is Jack Black Signature Blue Mark; this perfume is zesty and vibrant, an ideal accompaniment to the male grooming regime of a man who knows what he likes. Within this cologne you can detect hints of ginger and juniper as well as mint and thyme. Finally, there is Jack Black Signature Silver Mark. This is energetic, it’s wild, it hints at a rebel beneath the neat exterior. This scent includes cardamom and pimento, a sweet and spicy combination that will intrigue and delight. 

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