Cool And Educational Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids From Wicked Uncle


We don’t shower our children with too many presents for Christmas, they normally get one decent toy each, something what they ask from Father Christmas to bring. (Well, in case of my eldest. He now also helps to write the letter to him.) We are trying to live a more minimalist lifestyle lately and getting the children involved too: they don’t own too many toys.

When we buy presents for them or give the wish list to the grandparents, we make sure that the toy they are getting is something they will really enjoy and preferably something educational at the same time. And that they don’t buy lots of toys for them, just for occasions, so the occasional toy is a really good one. A lots of cool and brainy toys are available nowadays and it’s hard to choose.

We’re just been kindly sent some really cool toys by Wicked Uncle which I picked from their web shop. Wicked Uncle has a huge range of very clever toys, but the search options also helps you to find the best one in no time. With being able to search for age, gender, and even toy categories such as Brainiac, Adventurer, Outdoorsy and Creativity, you’ll get a very bespoke selection of their products. There’s a fun toy here for every child. I loved all their selection of toys, all brilliant fun and clever at the same time: colouring world map pillowcase (washable), interactive glow t-shirt, mini digital walkie-talkies, grow your own big eating plant all absolutely brilliant. I was even thinking to get something for my nerdy husband from here.

It also can be something you can just forward to relatives saying: pick something from here for the kids for Christmas. Job’s done! Enjoyable shopping process and easy check out.

So I picked this cute squirrel balancing game for Bobcat:

and this dinosaur torch and projector.

He loves balancing games, he finds it funny and usually giggles along when it’s his turn. These balancing games are great to promote hand-eye coordination in small children and they can be used to introduce them to the idea of turn taking too.

The dinosaur torch will be an absolute hit, I’m pretty sure. He loves playing with light, making shadow animals and creating stories around them.

For my little girl I selected this kinetic sand sandcastle set:

She’s just in the right age for basic sensory exploration and she loves playing with sand and play dough.

Not to mention, that they can both play with each other’s toys – which is very handy as they started to fight over toys. Ah, joys of parenting. Looking for toys that they both can play with to avoid quarrels.

Wicked Uncle also offers the option of gift wrapping and also to add a handwritten card for that personal touch. (Which is a great feature for lazy uncles…) It’s also possible to deliver the gifts to you or direct to the recipient.

Disclaimer: I received the toys in exchange for my unbiased review.


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Sarah Humphreys November 23, 2017 - 10:45 am

I have used Wicked Uncle before and the service was great, they came up with some fab ideas. We love kenetic sand here and I love that squirrel game x

Sarah November 27, 2017 - 1:47 pm

I love the look of the kinetic sand and the dinosaur torch, I think my toddler would love those. Had never heard of wicked uncle so off to check it out.

Leigh-Ann Otto November 27, 2017 - 5:18 pm

I adore Kineticsand. I bought some for my nieces this year. So excited to give it to them.

Paige November 27, 2017 - 8:19 pm

Wicked Uncle do some great toys! I’m going to get some last minute stocking fillers from there soon! 🙂

Jared Zone November 28, 2017 - 9:19 pm

Love love love the kineticsand!

Alana - Burnished Chaos December 3, 2017 - 4:06 pm

I love the balancing game. My daughter has a similar one in the shape of a crescent moon and it’s brilliant.
Thank you for joining #FamilyFunLinky x

Helena December 3, 2017 - 6:55 pm

These certainly do look like great educational toys. #FamilyFunLinky


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