Create A Chill Out Room On A Budget

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Even the smallest of families create clutter and no matter how clean you are, being tidy is a totally different thing.  In every home across the land there will be ‘stuff’ laying around. Wellies in the hallway, school bags hanging on the stairs, and probably a hat on the floor.  If there are very young children, then in all probability there will be a folded up buggy leaning in a corner too. 

If your kitchen is the where the family usually gathers, then there will be keys on the worktops, bills that need paying, old papers, and magazines, and that’s all before we’ve even got started on the washing up and the ironing waiting (in vain) to be done.  It’s normal, some would even say it’s nice to have a cosy, lived in home. Others might disagree.

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But what about when the kids are in bed and you want to relax in a room that doesn’t actually have any evidence of a child ever having set foot in it.  Is that even possible?

Just as children love a den, it’s not unreasonable for adults to have a chill out room all to themselves either.  So if you are planning a house renovation, an extension, or simply remodelling your family home, then why not consider setting some space aside for a grown up’s den as well.  

It doesn’t have to be spacious. You’ve already got your family sitting room, where you watch TV and spend time together.  You just need a comfy chair or cosy sofa, perhaps a space for a smaller television and sound system, and somewhere to rest that all important cup of coffee or glass of wine.

To make the most of limited space, you can dispense with bulky radiators and fires, and instead choose some under floor heaters, that will keep your toes warm even during the coldest of evenings.

The point about having a child free room where you can relax is that it will be specifically your space. You can therefore decorate it however you want, with perhaps prints from your favorite artist, or portraits of a musician you loved back in the day. Colourful cushions can liven up even the oldest of sofas, and a soft rug will finish off the look. Cool neon signs form Neon Mamma can also make the room more fun.

It can be a budget friendly exercise. There are so many bargains to be had now on selling sites such as ebay, and if you buy the largest item first, you can build the rest of your colour scheme around it. 

Some people sell things which are good as new, for very little money simply because they too are changing their decor, or moving to a house where their current furniture won’t fit in. 

As well as recycling, buying second hand rather than new, can save you so much money, and the idea should never be totally dismissed. 

The money you save can be spent on items for the rest of the family to enjoy, whilst you chill out in your new found space. But remember, don’t let them in! 

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