Creating a Green Home With Practical Renovations

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These days, the goal of achieving a green home is extremely common. Everyone wants to be more environmentally-friendly and more people are starting to pay attention to their carbon footprint. However, it’s not as easy as just asking a contractor to make your home green. You also can’t expect to just throw out some of your equipment and expect to lower your impact on the environment.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at some of the more practical ways that you can create a green home.

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Double or triple glazing on your windows

Windows are a primary source of temperature changes in your home. That’s because old and poorly-installed windows tend to let in cold air from the outside. This lowers the overall temperature in your home and forces you to turn up the heating, thus wasting energy and gas. The glass itself could also be cooled by the outside air. If there’s only a single layer of it, then those temperature changes will start to affect the air inside of your home.

By switching to double or triple glazing on your windows, you can protect your home from these drastic temperature changes. This means less money spent on heating and establishing a more environmentally-friendly home.

Consider using solar panels

In the past, solar panels were prohibitively expensive and required a huge upfront investment to adopt. These days, companies such as Trione Energy are making it easier for you to add solar panels to your home. While they’re currently not powerful enough to run your entire home, you can use it to power some of the lighter things in your home such as lights or specific devices. There’s also technology to help you store the energy so it kicks in when your main electricity supply cuts off for some reason.

Replacing old insulation in your home

Insulation is one of the most important things to consider if you want to maintain an eco-friendly home. Insulation helps to keep the warmth inside of your home, lowering your heating bills and making your house more comfortable. If you have old insulation in the home then you may want to consider stripping it off and replacing it with newer insulation that is more effective and durable.

Eco-friendly decoration ideas

Decorations tend to be expensive and quite unfriendly to the environment depending on the type of materials you’re using. Thankfully, there are a huge number of eco-friendly decorations that you can choose from. Many of these involve repurposing old furniture and materials, making them fun projects for everyone in the family to get involved with.

Make use of rainwater

Lastly, we can’t underestimate the value of rainwater. If you have a particularly rainy season then a rain collector and filter could help you save and reuse a lot of water. It can be used for cleaning certain things such as your car, it can be used to water the plants and you can even flush your toilet with it.

Creating a Green Home With Practical Renovations

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