Dad’s First Father’s Day: How You Can Make This Milestone Even More Special

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The first Father’s Day is a special time for any new dad. It is vital to make the day fun and exciting for him and create memories that will last a lifetime. There are plenty of ways you could make Father’s Day that bit more special for your partner, even if your child is too young to help out much yet!

You should consider the whole day and what you can do to make it perfect for your partner. Gifts are always a good idea, but make sure they are relevant and thoughtful. This article will explore some of the many ways you can make your partner’s first Father’s Day perfect. 

father dad baby boy

Make Breakfast In Bed

Any new parent knows that sleep is hard to come by in that first year! One great way to celebrate dad’s big day is to let him sleep in as late as he wants and then surprise him with breakfast in bed. He and your child can snuggle up together in bed while he eats and opens his gifts. It may be a good idea to enlist the help of a grandparent or family friend for this, particularly if your child is still very young!

Decorate The House

No celebration feels complete without some decorations. There are plenty of Father’s Day themed decorations you could put up to make the day feel festive and fun. You could consider reusable banners and paper party hats. You could even get a baby’s party hat and make the day feel like a mini-party with you, your partner and your child. It’s best to avoid anything too messy, such as confetti or glitter (not so eco-friendly anyway!), so that clean up isn’t too challenging. 

Give Him Some Kid-Free Time

While Father’s Day is primarily about the bond between a father and his child, having some kid-free time can still be an excellent gift for any parent. You could take the baby out to visit family or friends and give your partner some time to himself at home. Let him know he doesn’t have to do any chores while you’re out and provide him with space to relax and enjoy his special day. 

Let Him Choose The Day’s Activities

Since this is his special day, let your partner choose the activities for the day. It is a good idea to find out what he’d like to do in advance so that you can prepare. Some great options include a family picnic, a walk in the park, or a bike ride. It can be tricky to find something to do with a young baby, but with some planning, you’ll be able to find the right activities to make his day special. 

Get A Unique Gift

No milestone is complete without a great gift. While your child is too young to make or choose a gift, it’s down to you to come up with the perfect present. It is best to choose something memorable and meaningful. A personalised and unique gift is essential. You could consider getting a treasured family photo printed in a unique and interesting way, like a jigsaw puzzle or on an apron. For some inspiration, there are some excellent options for personalised Father’s Day gifts from Photobox.

Take Him To His Favourite Restaurant

A family meal out can be a fantastic way to finish the day. Father’s Day is a busy time of the year, so it is a good idea to book well in advance. Ask your partner where he’d like to eat. If it isn’t the most child friendly of places, you could ask a loved one to babysit while you and your partner spend some quality time together. 

Do His Chores For The Day

There are a lot of daily chores to do, as any busy parent knows. A great way to treat your partner on their special day is to do these chores for him. Make sure he doesn’t lift a finger throughout the day. You can handle the washing up, laundry, and other tasks on the day’s to-do list. If this might be a challenge with a small baby, ask a loved one to help ensure his special day is perfect. 

Let Him Know He’s Appreciated

Everyone likes to know they’re appreciated, and there’s no better time to show your appreciation for your partner than Father’s Day. Take the time to let him know you appreciate all he does for you and your family and that you couldn’t ask for a better partner and father of your child. 

Take Plenty Of Pictures

A dad’s first Father’s Day is a special memory. Taking plenty of pictures ensures that these precious memories will last. Take photos of dad with the baby and of the three of you as a family. Take photos as he opens his gift and of his special breakfast in the morning. You could get these photos printed as an additional gift after the day.

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