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Daily Note: Stop Cambo!

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We have to stop this.

There’s one thing we urgently have to make happen when fighting climate change. And that’s moving from away from fossil fuels. If that doesn’t happen – then that’s it. No one will invent some sort of a miraculous solution like in the disaster movies. Don’t wait for that. Do something now! The future depends on us.

Stop Cambo
The UK government is preparing to approve a new oil and gas project months before the UN COP26 climate talks.

 Approving the Cambo Field ignores the IEA’s warning that to stay below 1.5°C we can have no new oil and gas investments.

Shell and Siccar Point Energy are seeking permission from the UK Government to develop the Cambo oil field, West of Shetland. In the first phase, due to start in 2025, the companies expect to extract 150 million barrels of oil – the emissions equivalent of 16 coal-fired power plants running for a year.

The Cambo Field is the second largest oil and gas development waiting for approval and once up and running is set to be the fifth largest producer in the North Sea. If approved, Cambo Field will be the first UK project to get the green light since the International Energy Agency Net Zero report calling for no new investment in oil and gas starting this year and the Shell ruling mandating the company to slash carbon emissions 45% by 2030. 

The UK Government is currently expected to give its final approval on the project over the next six to eight weeks. Moving forward with the Cambo Field contradicts the findings of the IEA’s net zero report and is incompatible with limiting warming to the Paris Agreement target of 1.5C. 

Please help to stop it!

1. Sign the petition – 

2. Share a #StopCambo sign selfie with your hand painted green in the stop sign. Get your kids involved!

3. Email your MP asking them to #StopCambo
4. Follow @StopCambo for more actions

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